World Wide Generation Expands G17Eco Sustainability Fintech Platform to the MENA Region

World Wide Generation (WWG) has announced its entrance into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area. 

WWG is a leader in sustainability solutions and currently operates its G17Eco monitoring and marketplace platform in the UK, Europe, and ASEAN countries.

The move attempts to strengthen the WWG’s dedication to enabling institutions, countries, and communities to accomplish their sustainability objectives in the most transparent, effective, and efficient manner possible.

During the recent two-week conference, attendees saw new partners join the G17Eco global platform, which was termed the “digital ark” during COP28.

These partnerships emerged as a direct and urgent response to the growing need for action to preserve the environment as part of the World Wide Generation campaign.

Understanding true sustainability and putting it into practice in their spheres of influence tends to be challenging for governments, corporations, civil society, and individuals worldwide.

Some of the obstacles that have been highlighted include challenges related to establishing and adhering to a shared objective, inadequate implementation of sustainability processes from start to finish, restricted availability of reliable data, and an incapacity to properly assess the impact.

These challenges emphasize the pressing need for a unified and integrated platform to address global sustainability issues, and that is what WWG has achieved over the course of six years with the assistance of over 300 contributors to establish the G17Eco platform.

Interoperable Sustainability Solutions: G17Eco’s Impact

This expansion of WWG into the MENA region is driven by an increasing need for comprehensive and efficient sustainability reporting and data solutions in the area. As the “Google/Apple app store for interoperable sustainability apps,” the company is collaborating with top organizations to provide its G17Eco platform.

Through the use of this platform, organizations and countries can map, track, evaluate, manage, and promote their sustainability performance. Through this platform, members of G17Eco can also establish connections with sustainable funding and solutions, which can aid in enhancing and expanding their sustainability projects.

In order to automate data collection, processing, and dissemination between organizations and countries, G17Eco uses cutting-edge data bots, blockchain, and AI technologies. This information is then aggregated nationally and regionally, allowing for the tracking and measurement of each country’s progress toward achieving each SDG (including the climate targets).

The platform offers reliable, standardized, and up-to-date data for significant decision-making and is interoperable with a wide range of industries, systems, and applications. It enables stakeholders to decide where to make investments, sell off assets, control risks, and create large-scale, sustainable solutions.

In order to achieve success, WWG recommends moving away from the old GDP-centric metrics that are solely focused on the economy and toward a more comprehensive strategy that measures SDG contribution and integrates Social, Environmental, and Economic (SEE) problem-solving, reporting, and impact measurement.


With the launch of the G17Eco platform in the MENA area, World Wide Generation has made a major advancement in the promotion of all-encompassing and effective sustainability solutions. This action strengthens WWG’s commitment to tackling global environmental issues, as do the partnerships that were formed during COP28.

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