Top 5 Green Tech Innovations for the Middle East

As climate change continues to be a major topic in the global ecosystem, the need for green tech will continue to be at the forefront. Today, rising temperatures and sea levels are a major concern. However, our ability to tackle climate change largely depends on green technology.  

Green tech is an umbrella term for environmentally friendly technologies. Essentially, technological developments that improve our ability to either control climate change or adapt to its effects are classified as green tech. 

While there have been many innovations in the green tech space over the past few years, a few have stood out. This article highlights the top five green tech innovations for the Middle East so far. 

Top 5 Green Tech Innovations 

Green Hydrogen 

Hydrogen is an essential fuel. This is because it powers many activities that are vital to human life. Hydrogen can be used to generate electricity, power vehicles, and refine crude oil. It is equally crucial in activities like steel and methanol production. 

However, the use of hydrogen has become a growing concern because of the carbon emissions it generates. This is why green hydrogen was created. The “green” in green hydrogen suggests that this form of hydrogen is environmentally safer than regular hydrogen. This is because green hydrogen does not emit gases that are dangerous to the environment either during production or combustion.

Green hydrogen is created through a process called electrolysis. This process involves breaking down water into oxygen and hydrogen. The primary advantage of green hydrogen is that it ensures that hydrogen can still be used to power numerous activities but in an environmentally safe way. 

Startups like Elcogen and Ohmium are at the forefront of the green hydrogen innovation. 

Carbon Removal Technology

For decades, mankind has engaged in carbon-intensive activities. These activities have had ripple effects, as they have contributed to the occurrence of climate change. Thus, any approach to control climate change has to equally reverse century-long carbon emissions. 

This is what carbon removal technology does. Carbon removal technology captures carbon emissions directly from the atmosphere. There are hopes that this innovation will not only reduce carbon emissions but also prevent a drastic temperature increase. 

Green Energy 

Green energy is definitely one of the greatest green tech innovations. Energy was generated from fossil fuel sources for years, and this significantly worsened global climate change. However, green energy provides an opportunity for mankind to generate energy from renewable sources. 

Green energy sources like solar energy and hydropower have started to gain traction across the world. Biomass is equally a remarkable innovation. Biomass is energy generated from organic waste. 

The technology that powers biomass is particularly revolutionary, as it kills two birds with one stone. Essentially, biomass reduces the world’s waste problem and equally provides clean energy. 

Desalination Technology 

Today, many people do not have access to clean water. According to the World Health Organization, one in three people do not have access to clean drinking water. Desalination technology seeks to solve this problem by removing salt from saline water to produce freshwater. Companies like Biwater and IDE Technologies are at the forefront of this innovation.

Electric Vehicles 

There are high chances that you have either heard of a Tesla or dreamt of having one. However, electric vehicles are much more than just a status symbol. They are equally highly beneficial to the environment. 

Today, conventional cars are major sources of vehicle pollutants. These pollutants contain greenhouse gases that significantly contribute to climate change. On the other hand, electric vehicles do not have tailpipe emissions. This puts them way ahead of traditional cars, in terms of environmental safety. 


Green tech is undoubtedly crucial to our ability to achieve a sustainable future. There are high chances that these green tech innovations will be deployed on a larger scale in the coming years in the Middle East. 

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