Sustainable Computing: Planning for the Future of Green Data Centers

Sustainable Computing_ Planning for the Future of Green Data Centers

As we progress toward an increasingly intelligence-savvy society, we are immersed in an environment that collects more data. Massive volumes of data are gathered and processed to make intelligent decisions, improve products or services, and create cutting-edge technologies. All of these things are further fueling this explosion of intelligence. Due to data expansion and public cloud demand, numerous massive data centers are being designed or built worldwide. 

Green data centers will expand by 15% throughout the Middle East and Africa from 2021 to 2027. One study estimated yearly data center energy consumption at around 90 billion kilowatt hours. The amount of power used by data centers accounts for 3% of the total electricity utilized globally. There is a pressing need to reduce data center carbon footprint considering their inevitable expansions. To guarantee sustainable computing and the construction of green data centers, companies must adopt environmentally friendly procedures. 

A Look At The Factors Affecting UAE’s Green Data Centers

Green data centers employ sustainable computing resources efficiently to conserve natural resources. Many businesses in the UAE are having trouble introducing data center sustainability due to various implementation challenges. As a result, infrastructure constraints are becoming more problematic for many entities. Several companies simply can’t afford to install more servers, whether it’s due to a lack of resources (such as electricity or physical space) or an overload of the network’s cooling capacity. The key drivers for developing green data centers are energy scarcity management, power and cooling cost reduction, data center and electrical grid management, meeting carbon reduction regulations, and environmental and social considerations.

New Green Technologies Are Changing The Face Of Data Centers

We are at the dawn of a new era of technological advancements that will drastically alter data center power and energy efficiency. Gallium nitride devices (GaN) assist in boosting switching frequency, which in turn enhances system design, the efficiency of the power supply, and the need for cooling. In addition, smart digital monitoring can be utilized to keep tabs on the system’s status and react before any problems occur, thus minimizing the need for server reboots.

Sustainability Initiatives Of Data Centers In UAE Will Draw In International Investments 

Today, data centers are among the most valued resources. Khazna Data Centres in Abu Dhabi predicts that the United Arab Emirates will establish itself as a leading data center hub. Companies in the UAE are becoming more conscious of the necessity of accurate data and information management, which will lead to increased investment in data center infrastructure. Together, authorities and green data centers must establish benchmarks, fund projects, and monitor overall progress toward their data center sustainability goals.

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