Solar Energy: How to Use It Outside the Home

Solar Energy: How to Use It Outside the Home

Using solar energy at home is a common perception of people, but its consumption goes beyond the homes. Not only can solar energy be used inside, but it can also be used outside your home. You can install solar panels in your home, which will make your home energy-efficient and will save you tons of money. But what about the environment and outside climate conditions? Our environment is directly influenced by the production and consumption of energy. You can protect the environment and consume sustainable power by using solar energy as it is the cleanest energy source.

The solar industry has grown by 42% over the past decade. So how can you utilize solar energy in other places apart from your home? Consider the following uses of solar power outside your home to save money and preserve the environment.

Solar Powered Phone Cases

Smartphone cases with panels charge your phone and also eliminate the need for boring phone cases. Now there is no need to plug in your phone to an outlet and wait for hours to charge it. Such phone cases use natural resources to charge the phone. If you travel a lot or stay outdoors, you don’t need to carry a charger and find an outlet because solar-powered phone cases have panels on their back that catch sun rays. You can charge your phone with solar energy without stressing about carrying a regular charger.

Solar Energy Enabled Charging Stations, Stoves, And Camping Tents

While camping, having solar-enabled devices is a stroke of luck as they provide comfortable and relaxed outdoor recreation or camping exposure. Solar energy is an alternative to keep running your vehicle when not in use while you’re camping so your devices can charge. Now, campers can easily carry solar energy-enabled devices for camping such as stoves, camping tents, or charging stations.

Solar Flashlights

Stop stressing about buying, carrying, and replacing the batteries that regularly pollute the environment and can blow up at any time. Solar flashlights save you from the fear of being lost in the dark as it is the best emergency alternative. Solar-powered flashlights can be changed easily without the worry of exploding the battery. You can leave them outside or near any window so they can be charged.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters reduce heating costs and use panels, pumps, and filters to improve the heat of the sun to warm the pool water. Homes with pools can use solar energy to heat the water, making them cost-effective. You can either use solar panels, insulated pool sheets, or solar tubes to heat the pool water as much as you want without consuming gas or electricity.

Solar Energy Powered Wearables Devices

Another way of using solar power besides home is solar wearables devices. Small solar devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, headphones, and other wearables are revolutionizing the way we consume energy for them. These devices use natural resources to power them even without taking them off.

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