Saudi’s Carbon Capture Journey Towards Net Zero

Saudi Arabia’s Carbon Capture
Saudi Arabia’s Carbon Capture

In March 2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published a series of a plan to diversify its economy and reduce its carbon production rates significantly. It came up with significant goals designed to bring about a growth plan where the country diversifies its economy while setting the pace as a Net zero company to others. Saudi Arabia’s net zero plans include generating 50% of its electricity from renewable sources, planting 10 billion trees by 2030, protecting the marine and coastal environment, promoting sustainable agriculture, and reducing carbon emissions by 60%. Saudi Arabia also came up with several policies and initiatives to protect the environment and significantly reduce its carbon emissions to net zero. The sections below examine the inspiration behind Saudi Arabia’s net zero plans and the country’s journey to net zero.

Why Net Zero

As proven repeatedly, Saudi Arabia is dedicated to addressing the global challenges of climate change and carbon emissions. The country is also particularly concerned as it is the world’s leading producer of fossil fuels, the primary cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the government believes that addressing carbon emissions and climate change has the potential to have environmental, social, and economic impacts within its territory and outside its borders.

Saudi Arabia has increased its interest by actively participating in and rectifying international climate change agreements and implementing in-country policies and initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Saudi Green Initiative. The green initiative aims to achieve net zero emissions in the country by 2060. To do this, the government seeks to promote sustainable practices, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and technologies. The country is also hoping to milk the initiative to have economic and social benefits, including improving economic upturn, renewable energy, water quality, and several other sectors in dire need of more sustainable use of natural resources,

What Does Saudi Arabia’s Carbon Capture Journey Look Like

Saudi Arabia is not one to make plans without taking action; the country has begun strategic steps to achieve its net zero goal. For one, the government has invested actively in carbon capture and storage technology. This technology captures carbon emissions and stores them underground to reduc3 emission rates. Saudi Arabia is currently developing the world’s most significant carbon capture and storage technology, aiming to capture at least 800,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually.

Additionally, the country has instituted the National Energy Efficiency Program, which is geared toward reducing energy consumption by 30% by 2030. This project is to improve energy efficiency and energy consumption. The efficiency program comes alongside Saudi Arabia’s target of generating at least 50% of its energy from renewable sources. Projects like the Sundair Solar Projects and the Al-Dhafra have been made active to achieve the goal of net zero. Saudi Arabia also sets an excellent example by promoting sustainable practices across various sectors and actively rectifying and committing to several international and regional agreements and partnerships.


The famous saying ‘charity begins at home’ directly applies to Saudi Arabia’s net zero efforts. The country aims to contribute to the global efforts to reduce climate change, and it is doing this by now promoting net zero practices within its territory.

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