The Rise of the Green Tech Movement

Rise of Green Tech Movement
Rise of Green Tech Movement

In some climes, the green tech movement is also known as the green revolution. It involves extensive efforts to move to sustainable, greener energy solutions. Countries globally have increased their strategies to ensure a coherent policy and technological actions to reduce carbon footprints and environmental risks. Over the years, the green tech movement has successfully merged science and technology to make industry and production more efficient and safe for the environment. Undoubtedly, the movement presents a breath of fresh air given that man’s actions are hell-bent on destroying Earth’s quality of life. Below are details of the green tech movement, its timeline, and its milestones.

What is the Timeline of the Rise of the Green Tech Movement

Several sources trace the diverse but detailed history of green technology. However, many had posited that the movement began in the early 20th century when the environmental impacts of industrial plants and manufacturing processes came to the fore. It was particularly evident after the second world war especially as several diseases were believed to be the side effects of nuclear radiation. Thus began the process of making people aware of the ills involved in the deliberate and continual destruction of Mother Earth.

Contrary to popular perception, the green tech movement did not begin with a single person. The trend is a testament; to a coalition of everyone seeking to make Earth a better place for the current and future generations. The movement comprises all stakeholders who can directly or indirectly contribute to a better earth. Fortunately, due to recent enlightenment practices and general public sensitization, the green movement has grown with more persons and institutions with vested interests leading to significant achievements.

What are the Achievements of the Green Tech Movement?

Over the years, stakeholders in the green tech movement have made several attempts to harness several renewable alternatives and implant policies that will ensure a healthier earth. Solar panels, sustainable water purification resources, electric automobiles, LED lighting, harnessing wind energy, and much more prove how far the green tech movement has come.

The green tech movement has made significant milestones in reducing pollution and waste. One is green hydrogen which aims to reduce the costs and issues with producing hydrogen energy by making it safer to produce, transport, and use. Another area is the aspect of green coding. Technological activities such as cloud computing and the development of cryptocurrencies have been the source of high energy expenses and climate concerns. The green movement is slowly introducing green alternatives such as the Proof-of-Stake method instead of the Proof-of-Work and also using energy-efficient cloud computing software.


The green tech movement has proven that it is here to stay and to bring significant development to man’s culture, use, and maintenance of the Earth. Luckily, the idea that climate change is a farce is rapidly eradicated by widespread sensitization and energy-efficient technology. One can only expect the movement to grow in the coming times.

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