Progress update about Abu Dhabi’s plans to launch MENA’s first sustainable electric aircraft

aircraft manufacturing facility
aircraft manufacturing facility

Chinese drone technology company EHang Holdings signed a contract with the UAE-based Monarch Aeroplane Manufacturing (MAM) to establish an aircraft manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. The project was announced in April 2023 through a company statement that confirmed that this would be the first facility in the Middle East and Africa to produce and run environmentally friendly electric-powered aircraft and drones to transport people and goods.

It focuses on enhancing innovative and sustainable mobility. It will strengthen Abu Dhabi’s status as the most intelligent city in the MENA region. According to Rashed Al Blooshi, undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the partnership “reflects the high level of infrastructure for advanced and smart industries and developed legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Al Blooshi also emphasized that ADDED has made numerous steps to improve the ease of conducting business, commerce, financing, and attracting foreign direct investment to offer investors and business owners the best circumstances.

It offers a desirable environment for innovations, investments, and the development of modern industries. Learn why this collaboration matters in Abu Dhabi’s strategy to build a knowledge-based, innovation-driven sustainable economic sector.

Highlights of MENA’s first Sustainable Electric Aircraft Manufacturing Facility in Abu Dhabi

Per the agreement, the firms will also establish a command and control center to autonomously manage urban air mobility and develop the infrastructure needed to run drones and electric aircraft.

The project is in line with the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy, which includes the adoption of Industry 4.0’s cutting-edge technology, a new legal framework for the circular economy, green policies, and incentives to accelerate the transition to a smart, circular and sustainable economy.

It aims to produce a sustainable electric aircraft with its own command and control center and establish independent control of urban air mobility, vertiport, infrastructure, and other facilities.

Through collaboration with local organizations, the partnership will assist in establishing a cutting-edge infrastructure for vertiports and an autonomous flight management system run by AI, supporting sustainable and electric-powered commercial aircraft and drones, enabling Abu Dhabi to adopt urban aviation technologies.

Monarch Holding’s founder and chairman, Hussain Ali Alomaeirah, stated: “This initiative will help the future of the transport sector in Abu Dhabi following the government’s objective to improve the foundations of the smart city. He added that it offers a novel concept for cargo and passenger transportation that uses cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy sources with no carbon emissions.

According to a report by Dublin-based consultancy Research and Markets, the market for all-electric aircraft will increase from $6 billion in 2021 to around $20 billion by 2030, a 14% increase. The report showed that industry participants are creating essential aircraft parts and implementing technology to assist the sector in switching to a more environmentally friendly mode of air travel and reducing carbon emissions.

Ultimately, the project contributes to revitalizing markets and supports regional goods while promoting trade by streamlining the transfer of goods to retail outlets, ports, and airports.

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