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_infrastructure project
_infrastructure project

Recent satellite photos have shown the remarkable advancement of Saudi Arabia’s Neom mega project, which intends to revolutionize urban living in the middle of the desert. The project’s most remarkable feature is “The Line,” a massive city causing a stir worldwide.

The Line’s Remarkable Vision

The latest aerial views showcase the remarkable evolution of The Line, with the establishment of offices and a campsite for the dedicated engineering team and workers. The Line is no ordinary city; it’s a pioneering concept of a futuristic metropolis stretching across the north-western region of Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea.

This groundbreaking city will consist of two parallel skyscrapers, each 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long, and an astonishing 500 meters in height. This colossal structure is set to become home to approximately nine million residents living in interconnected communities guided by artificial intelligence, with a harmonious coexistence with nature.

A Project Centered Around People

What sets The Line apart is its unique approach to urban development. For the first time in 150 years, a major city is being designed around people rather than roads. The Line’s goal is to ensure that all essential daily services, including schools, clinics, leisure centers, and green spaces, are within a five-minute walk from one’s residence.

The Line’s executive director, Giles Pendleton, emphasized the rapid progress of this groundbreaking urban development, hailing it as one of the most significant projects in Neom and the world. He noted, “World-famous architects designed the first sections, vertical spaces, and layers for the first occupants of The Line, and work on the infrastructure supporting it is already fairly advanced.”

A Complex Project with Global Partners

The Line is undoubtedly a complex project that is being developed in multiple phases. Nevertheless, it is moving closer to realizing the Neom vision every day. The Saudi government’s commitment to realizing this ambitious project is evident through agreements signed with renowned construction companies Aecom and Bechtel, which will play a crucial role in developing the advanced transport infrastructure necessary for The Line. This project is poised to become one of the world’s largest and most intricate infrastructure projects.

An Unprecedented Marvel

When completed, The Line will stand as the largest building in the world, dwarfing even the Pentagon, home to the US Department of Defense. This remarkable structure will boast dimensions that are almost beyond comprehension, with an unparalleled 170-kilometer length and a height of 500 meters.

Saudi Arabia’s Neom project, with The Line at its forefront, is not just about creating another city. It’s about pioneering a new way of life, bringing together technology, nature, and human-centric design. As construction moves ahead, the world watches with anticipation as this remarkable vision of the future takes shape in the heart of the Saudi desert.


In summary, the Neom mega project in Saudi Arabia, with its innovative urban development, The Line, is a monument to human ingenuity and ambition. The initiative redefines urban living as it takes shape in the desert, emphasizing people above highways. Neom’s dedication to technology, the environment, and human-centered design makes it evident that this extraordinary future vision has the power to drastically alter not only the Saudi landscape but also the way we think about cities worldwide. 

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