Our Team

Ahmed Alam

Ahmed Alam is a dynamic professional who bridges the worlds of technology and regulatory compliance. Currently, he contributes his expertise and insights as a writer for GreenTechNewsME.com, a leading online platform dedicated to covering the latest developments in green technology and sustainable energy solutions in the Middle East. His work reflects a deep commitment to advocating for environmental sustainability and innovative green technologies, making complex subjects accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

Parallel to his writing endeavors, Ahmed serves as a Junior Compliance Associate at Orient Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., a prominent energy solutions provider. In this role, he ensures that the company adheres to industry regulations and standards, demonstrating his proficiency in navigating the intricate landscape of compliance. His analytical skills and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to the team, contributing significantly to the company’s reputation for reliability and integrity.

Adeela Saeed

Adeela Saeed is a seasoned journalist and an ardent advocate for green technologies, currently enriching GreentechNewsMe.com with her insightful analysis and in-depth reporting. With a background in environmental science and over a decade of experience in journalism, Adeela has a knack for demystifying complex environmental issues and highlighting innovative sustainable technologies. Her work is driven by a passion for advocating sustainable living and renewable energy solutions, aiming to inspire individuals and businesses alike towards greener practices.

Adeela’s journey in environmental journalism began after completing her master’s degree in Environmental Science, which equipped her with a solid foundation to understand and critique the nuances of ecological impacts and green technology. Her articles seamlessly blend scientific accuracy with engaging storytelling, making her a beloved figure among readers who seek to stay informed about the latest trends in sustainability. At GreentechNewsMe.com, Adeela continues to contribute impactful stories, firmly believing in the power of informed communities to drive the change towards a sustainable future.

Tahira Naseem

Tahira Naseem is a dynamic contributor to GreentechNewsMe.com, where her expertise in renewable energy and environmental policy shines through her thought-provoking articles. With an educational background in Environmental Policy and Management, Tahira brings a wealth of knowledge and a critical perspective on the intersection of policy, technology, and sustainability. Her professional journey includes roles in environmental advocacy groups and renewable energy startups, giving her a unique insight into both the challenges and opportunities within the green tech sector.

Tahira’s passion for environmental justice and sustainable development drives her to explore topics ranging from solar energy advancements to global environmental policies, always with an eye toward practical solutions and equitable outcomes. Her writing not only informs but also engages and inspires readers to think critically about their environmental impact and the potential for innovative technologies to lead the way in solving our planet’s most pressing issues.