Mind Blowing Green Tech Innovations You Should Know About

Mind Blowing Green Tech Innovations You Should Know About

Over the past couple of decades, the world has been faced with the existential threat of climate change. With every passing year, the effect of global warming is becoming more and more prominent. From unprecedented heat waves to the rapidly melting ice glaciers, it is clear the world must act faster.

As with several other problems the world has faced, technology appears to be the most promising solution. Many green tech innovations have the potential to bring about a more efficient and environmentally friendly world. Here are some interesting green tech innovations you should be excited about:

Mind Blowing Green Tech Innovations

Energy-Efficient Coding

Energy-consuming computing can quickly add up to a pretty significant carbon footprint. Thankfully, this problem can be mitigated with some innovations and practices. One, in particular, is public cloud computing. Cloud computing will become even more necessary as more augmented reality applications are developed. Energy-efficient coding would also involve introducing green technology in various areas and moving towards edge data centers. In addition, it involves writing energy-efficient software that requires less energy for computing.

3D Printing

3D printing is an innovation that has been around for a while. However, as the technology progresses, it has the potential to be applicable in more industries. It is important not to underrate the waste-saving quality of 3D printing. Unlike block materials, 3D printing allows structures to be built entirely from scratch.

This means that only the absolutely required resources are used, leading to significant efficiency. No doubt, scaling the 3D printing technology in major industries like manufacturing would further improve sustainability.

Energy-Generating Soccer Field

Sports are widely watched and enjoyed around the world. Imagine the infrastructure and machinery behind some of the most popular posts being turned into energy generators. Well, this is precisely the future that this energy-generating soccer field hints at. The soccer field, located in Lagos, Nigeria, was developed by UK-based company Pavegen.

The company installed special tiles in the Lagos soccer field, allowing it to capture kinetic energy. The captured energy is then transformed into off-grid electricity. Thus, with every movement and kick, soccer players on the pitch can power the floodlights around them.

Milk-Based Fibre

Water shortage is a core problem facing many parts of the world. Yet, at the same time, thousands of liters of water are rapidly used up in the clothing industry. For instance, about 2,700 liters of water are used to produce one T-shirt. To solve this problem, Anke Domaske and her company QMilk are turning to the use of milk. QMilk is turning wasted milk into 100% natural fibers that only require 2 liters of water per kilogram for processing. Given that in Germany alone, 1.9 million tons of mil is wasted every year, this could turn out to be a very impactful innovation.

Sugar-Based Bioplastic

Plastics are some of the most dangerous materials to the environment. Not only are they not biodegradable, but their production also relies on chemicals derived from fossil fuels. Dutch chemist Gert-Jan Gruter has developed an alternative. His plastic is sugar-based, requires no petrochemicals, and can be recycled.

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