The Middle East Green Initiative Explained 

The Middle East Green Initiative Explained
The Middle East Green Initiative Explained

Climate change has been one of the constant and major concerns of the Middle East region. Due to climate issues, the region has been exposed to increased drought, desertification, and food insecurity, making it one of the most vulnerable regions in the world.

Thus, the MiddleEast Green Initiative is a welcome platform that should place the MENA region on the path toward reducing the effects of climate change. The proactive approach taken by Saudi Arabia, which several nations have followed, could mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and improve the Middle East’s environment.

What is the Middle East Green Initiative?

The Middle East Green Initiative is a movement launched by Saudi Arabia in 2021 to reduce the impacts of climate change on the region. In collaboration with other MENA countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to meet global sustainability targets and contribute to the fight against climate change.

As part of its Vision2030, Saudi Arabia aims to achieve a greener future that will enhance the quality of life and safeguard future generations. The nation integrates environmental protection, energy transition, and innovative sustainable programs to deliver this.

Why Middle East Green Initiative?

Although Saudi Arabia is one of the foremost energy producers in the world, the fight against climate change in the region is still a joint effort. The Middle East Green Initiative is important because it serves to unite MENA governments towards a common goal: combat climate change. Additionally, the repercussions of rising temperatures in certain areas of the Middle East affect livelihood and access to opportunities.

Furthermore, asides from the apparent effects of climate change, the economy is also affected. It is estimated that dust storms alone cost the region $13 billion annually. Lastly, if the adverse effects of climate change are not addressed now, extreme weather conditions will become more common within the region in the nearest future.

Goals of the Middle East Green Initiative

Among other things, this initiative aims to

  1. Reduce carbon emissions from regional hydrocarbon emissions by more than 60%
  2. Plant 50 billion trees across the MENA region
  3. Restore areas equivalent to 200 million hectares of degraded land
  4. Plans to reduce global carbon levels by 2.5%

In essence, Saudi Arabia recognizes the need to take climate actions that will benefit the region, and the globe, thus the birth of the Middle East Green Initiative. To achieve these goals, the Green Initiative Foundation was established. In addition to delivering on environmental impacts, this initiative will also spur economic growth and diversification.

Looking forward

When the Crown Prince hosted the first Middle East Green Initiative in 2021, leaders in attendance lauded the efforts of Saudi Arabia toward sustainable climate action. To show his dedication, the Crown prince stated that the kingdom would contribute $2.5 billion over the next ten years and house the initiative’s headquarters.

MENA leaders have expressed their desire to work together to mitigate climate change. There are also plans to host a summit periodically to review and develop plans to meet the goals of the MGI. Together with other endorsing countries, the Middle East Green Initiative can influence the fight toward a sustainable future.

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