Learn about Dubai’s new initiative to recognize green hotels

_ Sustainable tourism
_ Sustainable tourism

Hotels are not exempt from the trend of sustainability that is becoming increasingly important to many tourists. According to recent data, 66% of travelers are willing to pay more for more environmentally friendly services.

The Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp was introduced by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), a new sustainability program that aims to honor hotels that comply the most closely with DET’s 19 “Sustainability Requirements.” The new program, which was started in conjunction with the UAE Year of Sustainability, is a part of DET’s commitment to strengthen the city’s status as a top destination for sustainable tourism.

The city will become the best in the world to visit, live in, and work in, stated His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President. According to Yousuf Lootah, acting chief executive of corporate strategy and performance at the tourism department, Dubai’s tourism stamp would serve as a gold standard for environmental sustainability.

To aid the UAE in achieving its net-zero objectives, the tourism department revamped its carbon calculator earlier this year, a tool that determines the carbon footprint of the hospitality industry in the Emirates. The technology was updated to track real-time carbon emissions data, enabling hotels to efficiently control their energy usage.

What are the Criteria for Dubai’s Tourism stamp?

According to a news agency in the Emirates, DET launched the program to support Dubai’s status as a top destination for sustainable tourism during the UAE Year of Sustainability.

The accreditation will confirm hotels’ dedication to sustainability. Hotels must adhere to the 19 sustainability guidelines DET sets to receive the stamp. In addition, the hotels who wish to get the accreditation must meet the following requirements: 

  • Waste management programs 
  • Energy and water efficiency 
  • Staff education and engagement programs

The initiative’s design was based on international best practices, and a council of leading industry experts will supervise the accreditation process to ensure its independence and integrity. The stamp will have a three-tier structure with Gold, Silver, and Bronze category levels. The hotel nomination season for the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp will be open from August 3 to August 31. Meanwhile, Dubai continues to show its commitment to building an eco-friendly sector. For instance, The Kingdom is preparing to host the UN Climate Change Conference’s 28th COP28 from November to December 2023. In addition, the DET’s sustainability plan also includes The Carbon Calculator, a tool to assist partners and stakeholders in locating cost-saving opportunities and managing the shift to sustainable practice.


The “Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp” is an essential development in Dubai’s efforts to establish itself as a top sustainable tourism destination. Dubai hopes to encourage others to follow its lead and adopt environmentally friendly habits by honoring hotels that uphold the highest sustainability standards.

Dubai’s commitment to sustainability remains central to its initiatives to build a better and more ecologically conscious future for the tourism sector and the general economy.

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