Leading Blockchain Startups Inspiring The Energy Sector

_Leading blockchain startups inspiring the energy sector
_Leading blockchain startups inspiring the energy sector

In recent times, so many tech industries have tried to come up with ideas that solve diverse issues in the energy sector. Specifically, some are leveraging the innovative power of blockchain to address energy issues. These blockchain startups are working to change the narrative by developing groundbreaking innovations to improve the green tech industry.

6 Green Tech and Blockchain startups focused on energy


    Grid+, owned by New York Blockchain development, is one of the fastest-growing energy blockchain startups currently in the world. Grid+ allows owners to buy large amounts of electricity at wholesale prices. The electricity will be purchased via cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bolt, and others.

    Lightency – Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading

      Lightency is a French green tech startup. Lightency makes provision for a platform for blockchain-based P2P electricity trading. The platform produces, consumes, and exchanges energy through local means. Microgrid implementation ensures that there is improvement in grid control, stabilization, and power performance through the distribution of energy resources.

      MotionWerk – Charging Electric Vehicles (EVs)

        MotionWerk is a German green tech startup that works to overcome the challenges in electric vehicle (EV) charging installations. The majority of EV users receive information concerning the availability of electricity at charging stations. MotionWerk provides software that solves the issues of mobility, technological capabilities, and other major requirements for electric vehicles. Some of their products, such as Share and Charge, provide a decentralized platform for easy transactions, charging of vehicles, and data sharing, thereby giving companies an opportunity for their customer’s seamless charging experiences.

        FlexiDAO – Sustainability Attribution

          Carbon emissions can prevent the distribution and trading of renewable attributes across various regions. Blockchain provides an opportunity for the tracking and recording of these carbon emissions. It leads to the acceleration of clean energy and reduces the rate of carbon emission.

          As a result, FlexiDAO, which is a clean tech startup company in Spain, provides energy retailers with business applications through the use of an open-source blockchain that is built on Ethereum.

          Drone Energy – Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart Grids

            Drone Energy is a green tech startup based in the United States. Through industrial smart grid technology, Drone Energy makes energy grids more efficient. Smart grid technology provides high-density computing that matches a producer’s supply and demand. Drone Energy develops a decentralized energy supply architecture. It maximizes power and profitability and allows for sustainable blockchain energy management.

            Drone Energy hosts, secure, and ensure the management of third-party blockchains, both private and public.


              Electron is a green tech startup company based in the United Kingdom. Electron, as a company, works with blockchain-based solutions to help customers in the UK change their energy suppliers easily. They have also shown major steps in supporting broader trading of energy and grid balancing innovations through its platform.


              This article has highlighted six major green tech and blockchain startups companies that have shown promising advances in the energy sector. At this growing pace of green tech, there will be a high reduction in human environmental impacts.

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