Latest Updates about the Green City – NEOM

When the Saudi Arabian government declared its intent to construct a green city, other countries called it “ambitious” and “unrealistic. ” Now, several years later, NEOM has begun activities and is set to open its doors to tourists and foreigners. The name NEOM itself was derived from two words: NEO and MOSTAQBAL, which meant ‘new future.’ Indeed, the city is the future, and we have taken the responsibility to bring you updates about NEOM. 

 What are the Latest Updates about the Green City – NEOM

1. Proposed Airline Launch

    NEOM began a project to launch its airline in 2023, which was expected as the city intends to be tourist hotspot worldwide. The airline is scheduled for launch in the latter part of 2024 and will begin flying from the NEOM Bay Airport. Indeed, for a city that claims to be completely green, one must wonder how they intend to reconcile the use of aviation fuel for the airline’s activities. However, the airline project is divided into two phases. The first phase is determined to boot existing aviation technology so that by 2026 – the second phase – NEOM’s airline will offer fully operational flights using electric or hydrogen technology.

    2. Animoca Branch Launch

      Green City -NEOM- has also shown interest in Web 3.0 and digital property activities. Since late 2023, the Saudi Arabian government has been in talks with Animoca Brands, a brand that specialises in promoting the metaverse and all other forms of digital technology. In line with its goal in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, the government has partnered with the Animoca Brand, known as the Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Understanding, which will aid in constructing projects and initiatives relating to Web 3.0 within NEOM. Saudi Arabia has invested about $50 million in the venture.

      3. Van Der Hoeven Project

        NEOM will also be home to the Van Der Hoeven Desert Horticulture  Oasis. The Saudi Arabian government undertook the $120 million project with the Dutch company Van Der Hoeven to invent an artificial climate horticulture oasis for NEOM’s benefit. Seeing as the project is situated across the desert, the government thought it best to invest in a synthetic environment to encourage the growth of green plantations in the area all year. Saudi Arabia has tagged the project as a high priority, and work has begun actively to finish the project.

        4. Tourist Centers and Buildings

          NEOM has also concluded or is in the process of completing several projects to encourage tourism. Some include the Marriot Luxury Hotel in the snowy mountain of NEOM. The Leyja ecotourism destination also aims to be a hotspot for hospitality and tourism destinations. We also mustn’t refrain from mentioning the Epicon Towers, which has been expertly designed to house 41 hotel rooms and 14 apartments.  Finally, the Siranna tourism hexagon is another building that allows for an excellent view of the expanse of NEOM, the mountainside, and the Red Sea for tourist appreciation.


          NEOM is indeed a diamond in the rough. The city has beaten all odds and remains standing and rapidly developing. If the current pace continues, Saudi Arabia’s NEOM is well on its way to making history come 2030

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