5 Latest Green Tech Innovations In Saudi Arabia 

Undeniably, Saudi Arabia is an attractive investment kingdom for cleantech companies. The country has been vital in advancing clean energy, sustainability, and green technology. Through this, the government has become more advanced in infrastructures, sectors, and the green market. Green technology has spread evidently, and there have been some innovations in the country of late. 

What Are the 5 Latest Green Technology Innovation 

 Saudi Green Initiative 

Launched in 2021, the Saudi green initiative SGI is a proactive objective about environmental protection, clean energy, and sustainability in Saudi Arabia to achieve a green or eco-friendly system. This latest green technology innovation is concerned majorly with three goals: reducing emissions, greening Saudi, and protecting land and sea. It is a long-term plan associated with Saudi Vision 2030. Through SGI, the country strives to transform waste products through recycling, plant more trees (in 2022, around 18 million trees were planted), and protect the country’s terrestrial and marine areas. Since the formation of SGI, over 77 other initiatives have been born. 

 The Red Sea Project 

The Red Sea Project termed the world’s most ambitious luxury development, is a mission to preserve the natural environment and increase sustainability. The green technology innovation started in 2017 and forms part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program. It concerns constructing 50 hotels by 2030, making more residential properties across 22 islands and six island sites. The purpose of this project is to extend towards the shores of the Red Sea and progressively build a sustainable luxury tourism destination. On completion, about 70,000 new jobs will be created. 

 The Neom Wind Farm 

Neom is Saudi Arabia’s smart city and a site for a green hydrogen plant that is part of the country’s project to create a home operating on total green energy. The project deals with bringing change to the country’s energy source by generating 100% clean energy. This energy would be obtained through unique wind and solar resources. Through this project, Saudi Arabia aims to lead the world in solar power, wind technology, and green hydrogen. It was given to the NEOM green hydrogen company to bring the vision to life. 

 Aramco’s Transition to Clean Energy 

The quick response from Aramco, a leading player in the oil business worldwide, towards clean energy is one of Saudi Arabia’s finest green tech innovations. The oil giant has shifted towards the Saudi Vision 2030 and created a team of skilled national and foreign personnel to ensure a healthy transition to the greener, renewable energy consumption process. This twist has contributed to Saudi’s pursuit of green technology. 

 Financing Green Incentives and Developing SMEs 

Lastly, the council in Saudi Arabia supports all industrial facilities with green transformation projects. It is now seen, too, that every attempt to bring along the country’s green technology mission is rewarded with full support. Furthermore, incentives are given to promote using the latest environmental technologies to reduce waste and other missions. The kingdom will also generate funding for green-oriented startups across the nation. 


The aim for Saudi Arabia is to become a significant contributor to a green future in all its endeavors. The country has always been seen as an oil hub, but it is now interested in other ways to lead an excellent economy. With this greener transition, Saudi Arabia is now a home of environmental technologies and has emerged as a nation soiled with the legacy of the future. 

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