Top Largest Solar PV Farms in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern region stands as a worldwide leader in renewable energy. Countries in the region have found a way to use its abundant sunlight to promote sustainable development. One of the ways it has harnessed its sunlight to promote sustainability is the installation of large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) farms. These solar power plants point out the Middle East’s commitment to moving towards a greener energy future. Also, these solar farms promote a decrease in carbon emissions.

Top Largest Solar PV Farms in the Middle East

Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Plant in UAE

This solar farm is one of the largest single-site solar generating plants in the world. It has a capacity of 1.17 gigawatts (GW).

Noor Abu Dhabi produces renewable energy enough to power ninety thousand households. This massive project has reduced carbon emissions in the area. Also, it highlights the UAE’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

The farm, which cost $870 million to build, can produce up to 1,000 MW of renewable energy annually with its 1,200 MW capacity. This corresponds to a yearly decrease of one million metric tons in carbon emissions. This is equivalent to taking 200,000 automobiles off the road.

Sweihan Solar Power Plant in UAE

The UAE is still leading the world in solar power thanks to the Sweihan Solar Power Plant. With a 1.17 GW capacity, this remarkable solar plant in Abu Dhabi is comparable to Noor Abu Dhabi. With a land area of over 7.8 square kilometers, the Sweihan Solar Power Plant is essential to the nation’s goals for renewable energy and produces enough clean energy to support about 195,000 families.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in UAE

Another solar farm worth mentioning is the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. According to, this 5 GW solar park is anticipated to become the largest single-site solar energy facility in the world by 2030 to meet Dubai’s sustainable energy goal. The solar park will reduce the United Arab Emirates’ dependency on fossil fuels. Also, the solar park will assist the nation in achieving its objectives for sustainable development.

Benban Solar Park in Egypt

The Benban Solar Park covers an area of more than 37 square kilometers. The park has over 6 million solar panels. It was established in 2018 at an approximate cost of $4 billion and consists of 41 separate solar plots spread across an area of 37 square kilometers. The goal of this project is to stimulate local business investment in clean energy efforts. It is a part of Egypt’s Nubian Suns Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program. It helps Egypt reach its objective of a 33 percent reduction in emissions from the power sector. Also, it fits in with Egypt’s larger climate pledges.


Countries in the Middle East have been judiciously making use of the excess sunlight the region has. There have been different solar farms in different parts of the region. Some of these solar parks include Benban Solar Park, Noor Abu Dhabi solar plant, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, etc.



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