Is There Truly a Renewable Energy Revolution in the Middle East

Is There Truly a Renewable Energy Revolution in the Middle East

Talks on climate change have increased over the years. Many countries are investing significantly in reducing climate change and improving environmental conditions. The Middle East is one of the primary victims of climate change. Reports have shown that desertification is sweeping across a large portion of the Middle East, including countries like Iraq and Syria. 

These climate change problems have led to a renewable energy revolution across the Middle East region. This article discusses the renewable energy revolution in the Middle East and why indications that the revolution exists. 

What is the Renewable Energy Revolution?

As earlier stated, climate change is a massive problem for most inhabitants of the Middle East. However, the primary cause of climate change is carbon. This carbon is released through dirty energy sources like coal and crude oil. The Middle East has used these energy sources for decades. 

The renewable energy revolution involves eliminating and replacing dirty energy sources with renewable energy sources. These renewable energy sources include wind, solar power, and nuclear energy. 

Signs that the Renewable Energy Revolution Exists in the Middle East

Increased Investment

 Many Middle Eastern governments are directing funds towards increasing the adoption of renewable energy. For example, the UAE is currently one of the heaviest investors in renewable energy. The country recently pledged to invest over $160 billion in renewable energy. In addition, UAE aims to achieve a 50% share of renewable energy in its overall energy mix. 

Adoption of Renewable Energy Policies

 One of the most significant indicators of a renewable energy revolution in the Middle East is the implementation of renewable energy policies. Most Middle Eastern countries have adopted some form of policy to enhance renewable energy adoption. For example, Qatar has released a policy to increase renewable energy adoption to 20% by 2030. Saudi Arabia has also released a similar policy to increase its renewable energy generation to 50% by 2030. 

More Renewable Energy Projects

The Middle East has embarked on large-scale renewable energy projects as a pointer to the renewable energy revolution in the region. For example, reports have shown that the Saudi Arabian government plans to embark on a large-scale solar power project that costs a whopping $213 million. Research has also shown that over $2.8 billion in renewable energy contracts were awarded in the Middle East in 2021 alone. 

More Renewable Energy Companies

 Most Middle Eastern companies are getting on the renewable energy revolution. Apart from existing companies, more companies are being created to provide renewable energy solutions for Middle Easterners. These companies are engaging in operations like solar production and energy storage. 


As climate change continues to get more intense, the Middle East’s renewable energy revolution will expectedly get bigger. Thus, more Middle Eastern countries will increase renewable energy investment, enhance the renewables sector, and launch more projects. 

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