Inclusive Solutions for Stopping Climate Change: the Key Contributions of Incoming Cop28

_fighting climate change
_fighting climate change

Climate change continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing our planet today, and as a global community, it’s up to us to take decisive action. COP28 is a major international event focused on tackling the climate crisis. World leaders and experts will unite through this conference to share ideas, strategies, solutions, and ways to fix climate change and create a sustainable future.

COP28 has set its sights on transforming and accelerating climate action to fulfill the world’s commitments to mitigating the effects of climate change. Building on the success of the recent Expo 2020 Dubai, the UAE is uniquely positioned to leverage its exceptional track record as a trusted global convener to ensure that COP28 is marked by inclusivity, transparency, and pragmatism.

Keeping Pace With The Climate Crisis: The UAE’s Humble And Responsible Approach

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, an influential figure in the global fight against climate change, emphasized that the UAE is tackling this daunting challenge with a clear sense of responsibility, humility, and urgency. He acknowledged that the world is falling far short of the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and underscored the need for a new approach that moves beyond setting goals to taking concrete action across key areas like mitigation, adaptation, climate finance, and loss and damage. However, the task at hand is immense, given the pressing reality that worldwide emissions must fall by a staggering 43 percent by 2030. To achieve this, global leaders must make a significant course correction, prioritize action, and accelerate progress, even amid ongoing economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and energy security concerns.

Clean Investments As Catalysts For Inclusive Climate Progress

The path from setting goals to taking concrete action on climate change is paved with a critical enabler: capital. Without affordable and accessible capital, meaningful climate change progress is impossible. One of the ways to drive sustainable growth is through clean investments, which have already begun to demonstrate their potential. Experts estimate that the economic value of decarbonizing industry, energy, power generation, transportation, and food systems could reach an additional $12 trillion by 2030. This represents a massive opportunity to address the urgent threat of climate change and drive economic growth sustainably and equitably.

Beyond Hydrocarbons: The UAE’s Diversified Economy And Commitment To The Rio Declaration

The UAE’s economy is not solely reliant on revenues from its oil production, as 70 percent of its GDP is generated by non-oil sectors. This diversification of the economy is a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility. The UAE has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to upholding the principles outlined in the Rio Declaration, further solidifying its reputation as a global leader in environmental stewardship. With such an impressive track record, the UAE’s leadership of COP28 offers hope that this prestigious international event will yield tangible and positive outcomes in fighting climate change.

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