5 Greentech Examples that can Significantly impact the Environment

5 Greentech Examples that can Significantly impact the Environment

Greentech is the only hope for a better tomorrow in this polluted environment killing millions of people. Numerous Greentech innovations are popping up promising of a greener future. All the products, services, or procedures that help reduce adverse environmental effects by utilizing sustainable resources, and energy-efficient improvements fall under the categories of Green Technology.

The concept of Greentech is two-pronged in that it includes the consumption of less harmful fuels as well as the production of clean energy.

Here we will explore five Greentech examples that can significantly impact the environment, ultimately pushing it towards sustainability.

Sunlight Transport System

Sunlight transport is one of the direct systems to catch sunbeams and transmit them to fiber optic cables for lighting up the rooms or multiple areas of buildings. This helps in reducing energy consumption by illuminating the rooms naturally. The adaptive lightings are being paired with sunlight transport as they get dimmed in the appearance of natural light. The system works like a normal light that provides enough light for the areas deprived of lighting.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Buildings that are energy efficient don’t require the support of infrastructural services such as the electricity grid or municipal water system as they produce their own energy and heat. Such buildings save investment in transmission infrastructure while making the most out of solar energy. The innovative designs of solar panels help buildings to create their own heat and electricity. The energy-efficient buildings thus consume both water and electricity as the front side of panels produces photovoltaic power while the rear makes hot water by sourcing everything in an environmentally friendly way.

Smart Solar Flower Panel

A flower-shaped solar panel built with twelve petals and are ready to be plugged in, maximizing the production of solar energy. It is quite durable and efficient as it is capable of being cleaned by itself. Dubai Municipality has announced the installation of a smart solar flower panel with built-in sensors that track the rays automatically, making it 23% more productive than a standard solar system. It is highly temperature efficient as it is adaptive to weather conditions and also has a natural ventilation procedure. The sole purpose of this solar flower panel is to maximize the production of clean energy without spreading pollution.

Plant-Based Product Packaging

Another Greentech example that holds phenomenal effects on the environment is plant-based packaging, as it utilizes organic matters to design product packaging. It ensures fully recyclable and chemically degraded packaging because of the consumption of sustainable vegetative sources. Bioplastic, sugarcane bagasse, seaweed, and coconut husk are a few examples of resources that are being consumed to produce plant-based product packaging.

Gas-Free Vehicles

Automotive vehicles are one of the leading pollutive factors as the majority of the population depends on vehicles nowadays. Approximately 1.4 billion automobiles are on the road, and this number will be doubled in the coming years due to the increasing population. However, gas-free vehicles, also known as green vehicles, have been presented as an alternative option to protect the atmosphere from car emissions. 

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