6 Green Tech Startups to Watch in 2024

The effects of climate change did not stop in 2023. Winters are warmer, and seasons are increasingly fluctuating due to climate change. Thus, climate change is still a major global topic in 2024. 

In response to the demand for sustainability, green tech startups are developing products that mitigate climate change and improve our ability to adapt to climate change. Many of these startups have been gaining traction and raising capital to expand their product offerings. 

6 Top Green Tech Startups For 2024

Green tech investment is taking the main stage in the financial world. In fact, there are predictions that 2024 will experience a “green gold rush” under which green tech investment will reach unprecedented levels. The following startups are at the forefront of the green tech wave:

Dimensional Energy 

Dimensional Energy is a New York-based startup that produces carbon-neutral fuels. The company uses carbon capture technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The captured carbon is subsequently mixed with hydrogen to produce “syngas”. 

The startup’s goal is for syngas to replace carbon-intensive fuels like crude oil and natural gas. Dimensional Energy seems to be gaining some investment traction, as it recently raised $20 million to expand its production of sustainable aviation fuel. 

Pi Green Innovations

Pi Green Innovations is an Indian green tech startup that seeks to provide sustainable solutions to air pollution. The company has developed products that seek to capture carbon and other impurities from the atmosphere. 

Its products have gained the interest of companies that intend to reduce their carbon footprints and also receive carbon credits from regulators. The startup has raised $4.5 million


Verkor is one of the groundbreaking green tech startups to watch in 2024. The France-based startup focuses on low-carbon battery production. Verkor’s primary goal is to help satisfy the growing demand for electric vehicles by fast-tracking the production of green battery cells.

Considering that Verkor was established in 2020, the startup has experienced immense growth over the years. For instance, Verkor recently announced that it had secured a $2.1 billion financing to build its first plant. The plant will reportedly equip at least 200,000 electric vehicles in a year. 

H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel is one of the green tech startups that aims to decarbonize the steel industry by producing green steel. Green steel is steel manufactured without using fossil fuels. Traditional steel goes through a production process that involves coal-fired blast furnaces and high energy. 

This process leads to significant CO2 emissions.

Essentially, green steel provides a sustainable alternative to this carbon-intensive process. H2 Green Steel claims to use a sustainable production process that includes fossil-free electricity and green hydrogen. 


Like other green startups seeking to decarbonize essential fuels, Ohmium produces green hydrogen. Ohmium’s product offering has gained significant attention. The startup raised $250 million last year, to expand its production. This will likely increase the company’s reach. 


Finally, one feature these startups have in common is that they deploy products that are sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. There is a growing demand for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, and these green tech startups are about to tap into it. 

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