5 Green Tech Startups in The Middle East You Should Know About

Five Green Tech Startups in The Middle East You Should Know About

Green technology is now increasingly popular as global warming becomes more critical. It is predicted that global carbon emission is set to hit 28 billion tons per year by the end of the century. Hence, the world has started recognizing the importance of green tech. As of 2021, the global market value of the green tech and sustainability market was valued at USD 10.9 billion. It is expected to reach USD 51.09 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 20.6% during the forecast period. 

The Middle East is not left behind as the awareness of green technology and sustainability has exponentially increased. Several green tech startups have contributed to improving and saving our environment from imminent danger. This article will highlight prominent green tech startups in the Middle East. Furthermore. it will spotlight the amazing work they do to fight climate change impacts.

5 Green Tech Startups in The Middle East


Location: Egypt 

Launched in 2018, Baramoda is the first Agric-tech startup in the Middle East and Africa. Mostafa El-Nabi established this startup to provide innovative and sustainable agricultural benefits. Its core vision is to increase agricultural productivity and create a more sustainable environment for local farmers. This has been done by providing innovative methods by which agricultural waste is maximized. Furthermore, it converts them to organic fertilizers, which are more eco-friendly than popular chemical fertilizers. 

Badia Farm

Location: UAE

Badia Farm is another sustainable startup established by CEO Omar Al Jundi in 2016. This Dubai-based startup was built particularly to curb the intake of imported fruits and vegetables and to provide greener crops. To achieve this vision, the farm uses the vertical farming method, where hydroponic growing mediums are used. This farming system uses 95% less water than the normal cultivation method, hence offsetting the energy cost of farming. 

Avani Middle East

Location: UAE

Avani was established in the year 2014 in other to combat plastic pollution. Plastic pollution has increasingly posed threats to the environment, such as the release of toxic materials into the soil and the air. It also has a severe impact on marine species. The startup was spearheaded by individuals who recognize these dangers and have taken innovative methods to reduce the effects. Avani specializes in eco-friendly products and bio plastic made from cassava starch, such as straws, compostable coffee cups, lunch box clamps, cassava bags, etc. They created these products in a bid to reduce the emitting plastic epidemic. 

Green Touches

Location: UAE

Pioneered by Adrienne Doolan, Green Touches is a cleaning company that strives to create a greener world by providing an alternative cleaning method. Their services include residential green cleaning by using 100% chemical-free, natural, and Eco-certified products to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals from your workspace. 

Live, Love, Recycle 

Location: Lebanon

This startup uses a mobile application to help users recycle from households and companies. Their goal is to solve the waste problem via easy collection and recycling. The best part of the application is its user-friendly nature. You request baggage pick up, and it is done. This company has collected over a trillion recyclables from thousands of households today.


Modernization and over-reliance on technology have caused a depletion of the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions. However, these mentioned Middle East startups provide innovative methods for ameliorating the harm done to our environment. Therefore, you would make the world greener by supporting and investing in green tech.

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