Serco Enhances Sustainability Initiatives with Acquisition of Climatize

In an effort to better support governments and corporations in achieving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives and making a positive impact on the future, global public services company Serco has acquired sustainability and engineering consultancy Climatize.

A year following the successful launch of its Advisory with Purpose business, Serco announced this strategic purchase, further solidifying its commitment to provide top-tier sustainability and environmental services both within and beyond the built environment sector.

Pioneering Sustainability: Unveiling Serco’s First-in-Market Offering in the Middle East

The acquisition will combine the best of Serco’s global reach, local network, and experience with the specialized knowledge and practical operational experience of Climatize to create a distinctive “first in market” offering.

This acquisition is part of the company’s continued aim to lead with purpose, putting a sustainability-driven attitude at the center of all it does. Governments and companies alike will now be able to profit from a unique offering to the Middle East.

The Role of Climatize Consultancy in Serco’s Environmental Leadership

Climatize, a UAE-based company founded in 2018 and a pioneer in ecological leadership in green building engineering and sustainability strategies, will provide Serco with a wide range of consulting services. These include life cycle assessments, resource efficiency management, net zero and green building consulting, and integrations of green technologies.

The acquisition intends to help its clients fulfill their ESG obligations by advancing them to the status of responsible stewards.

Organizations will also be able to demonstrate their commitment in a way that lowers operating costs through digital asset management, improves the future for citizens and residents by offering customer experience expertise, and helps clients achieve their net zero goals.

In keeping with Serco’s continued commitment to live up to its goal of realizing national objectives, the relocation is anticipated to increase the company’s capabilities in the area as well as provide new job possibilities.

Strategic Partnerships for a Greener Tomorrow

This is the first acquisition for Serco’s Advisory with Purpose subsidiary, which launched in early 2023 and had a highly successful first year. The acquisition comes at a good time since the aftermath of COP28 has increased regional attention to the environmental topic.

CEO of Serco Middle East Phil Malem stated that sustainable practices and purposeful leadership were now requirements rather than just options. He was excited that Serco’s values matched those of the Climatize team and said that doing the right thing was instilled in every employee. Malem said that as a result of the acquisition, they would actively help governments and organizations accelerate their transition to net zero while also strengthening their consultancy skills. He went on to say that they would offer a wider choice of “end-to-end” services that would eventually improve the future by helping businesses and the environment.


Serco’s recent acquisition demonstrates its dedication to sustainable practices and environmental care. Serco hopes to speed up the shift to a greener future by offering creative solutions for businesses and governments by fusing its worldwide skills with Climatize’s experience.

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