Green Tech: Myths About Climate Change You Should Know

Green Tech_ Myths About Climate Change You Should Know

Throughout humanity’s thousands of years on Earth, climate change has been the greatest existential threat. Independent watchdog group “Real Facebook Oversight Board” and environmental non-profit “Stop Funding Heat” reviewed data from more than 195 Facebook pages and groups to produce a report. The research team discovered as many as 45,000 articles that either downplayed or denied the severity of the climate catastrophe. These articles have gotten between 818,000 and 1.36 million views. There is, without a doubt, an infinite amount of information available on climate change, along with a great deal of misinformation and numerous myths. This article will dispel several popular misconceptions about global warming by providing evidence to disprove them.

Climate Change Myths

1.The Climate On Earth Has Always Changed”

In a way, the first statement is accurate. Throughout Earth’s 4.5 billion-year history, the climate has altered significantly. But the current rapid warming cannot be explained by natural warming and cooling cycles. Changes that would ordinarily occur over hundreds of thousands of years are occurring within decades. The current global temperature is the highest since records began. In fact, seventeen of the eighteen warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen, which explains this accelerated warming

2.The Number Of Arctic Bear Species Is Growing.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. The polar bear’s biggest enemy is climate change. Sea ice melts and forms later each year because the Arctic is warming at a rate roughly double that of the rest of the planet. Because of this, it’s more challenging for female polar bears to venture out onto land in the late autumn to construct their dens and to venture out into the sea ice in the spring to feed their cubs. The seals they rely on for food are similarly vulnerable to climate change since their pups need to be born on sea ice.

3.It’s Still Cold, So Global Warming Isn’t Real.

Global warming raises the average surface temperature of the Earth. This increases the likelihood of heatwaves and droughts and alters our natural climate systems. These changes are increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. For instance, hurricanes and storms are intensifying, moving more slowly, and taking longer to dissipate.

4.Global Warming Is An Issue For The Future

We can no longer use this phrase to delay action on climate change and place blame on future generations. We only have twelve years to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius to prevent a climatic meltdown, as the world’s top climate scientists warned last year. The terrible repercussions of climate change on global food supply, increased migration, conflict, disease, and global instability can already be seen, and they will only worsen if we do nothing.


The reality is that we are not helpless to prevent or slow climate change. Humans are intelligent, resourceful, and adaptive beings. We can meet this challenge if we act now — as governments, communities, families, and people. Everyone is capable of doing something. And we should.

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