Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency and Modon Collaborate to Unveil Innovative Air Purification Tower

In an effort to minimize the effects of climate change and preserve air quality, the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Modon have opened the first smog-free tower in the region at Al Hudayriyat Island.

Air Purification Tower: The Inauguration of the Smog-Free Tower at Al Hudayriyat Island

Introducing the latest urban innovation: the air purification tower. What’s its purpose? It is to enhance air quality in the UAE.

His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Vice Chairman of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Chairman of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s Executive Committee, and Minister of State for Defense Affairs, stated that the enhancement of air quality stands as one of their core strategic priorities, a goal they’ve diligently pursued for decades. He emphasized their commitment to implementing innovative solutions to ensure the safety and health of the Abu Dhabi community, citing the smog-free tower as a prime example of their endeavors. 

According to His Excellency, one of the most extensive ambient air quality monitoring networks in the MENA Region, EAD uses a broad network of monitoring stations to continuously monitor the ambient air quality in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The seven-meter tower purifies 30,000 m3 of air each hour using ecologically beneficial positive ionization technology. Ionization technology helps people breathe clean air by creating smog-free air in public areas.

Promoting A Healthier Environment: The Importance of the Smog-Free Tower Initiative

The agreement between EAD and Modon to carry out environmental projects to lower air pollution and save wildlife, marine life, and natural resources is at the center of the Smog-Free Tower project.

Creating initiatives that guarantee a secure and healthy environment is another thing Abu Dhabi is doing to support the UAE 2050 Climate Neutrality Strategic Initiatives objectives.

It is an extension of EAD’s ongoing efforts to improve Abu Dhabi’s air quality and raise the standard of living for locals by routinely deploying sophisticated monitoring devices to measure air contaminants.

EAD conducts numerous activities and programs targeted at monitoring and assessing air quality in order to identify the most significant issues and sources of emissions, develop the necessary solutions to reduce these pollutants, and assess their efficacy. 

EAD’s Efforts in Air Quality Management

Since 2007, the organization has been in charge of an exclusive network for monitoring air quality. It consists of 20 fixed monitoring stations positioned all across the Abu Dhabi emirate, which are used to closely monitor air quality and produce data with a 99 percent accuracy rate.

Additionally, two mobile stations run by EAD are used within the emirate to carry out specialized studies on air quality.


The Environment Agency and Modon’s partnership in Abu Dhabi is a big milestone in the fight against air pollution and the promotion of a healthier environment. The opening of the air purification tower is a testament to the area’s dedication to creative problem-solving and highlights the significance of protecting air quality for community health and endorsing larger climate initiatives.

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