Green Companies Currently Employing In The Middle East

Green Companies
Green Companies

The Middle East is transitioning dramatically toward sustainability and environmental responsibility after being long identified with its enormous oil reserves. The region’s dedication to green efforts is increasing while the global awareness of climate change and its effects rises. This article will explore some of the green companies currently employing sustainable practices in the Middle East, highlighting their innovative approaches and their impact on the environment and the economy.

Green Companies Currently Hiring


Masdar, commonly known as the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, is a United Arab Emirates government-owned renewable energy firm with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. It was established in 2006 as a division of the government-owned Mubadala Investment Company of the United Arab Emirates, and it has created and invested in renewable energy projects in 40 nations. Their mandate includes preserving the United Arab Emirates (UAE) dominance in the world energy market and promoting economic and energy source diversification for the benefit of coming generations. The company invests extensively in the development of cutting-edge clean technology, and we are using a clever first-mover strategy with green hydrogen. Additionally, they provide knowledge about renewable energy and the clean-tech industry, therefore creating new revenue streams for the UAE over the long term. Their employee benefits currently include A wellness initiative, programs for employee assistance Recognition Programs, adaptable Workarounds, and many more.


Saudi Aramco is a publicly traded oil and gas business in Saudi Arabia with headquarters in Dhahran. It is the second-largest firm in the world by revenue as of 2022 and consistently posts the highest annual profits in the annals of global business. With more than 270 billion known reserves, Saudi Aramco has the second-largest crude oil production per day of any oil-producing company in the world. Additionally, Saudi Aramco is also committed to green practices. They have been investing in research and the development of energy technologies, such as carbon capture and utilization. By leveraging their vast resources and expertise, Aramco is working towards reducing the carbon footprint of their operations and contributing to a more sustainable energy future.

Aramco has developed the largest carbon capture and utilization facility in the Middle East, capturing over 800,000 tons of CO2 annually. Aramco Careers believes in diversity, inclusion, empowering youths and women innovation.


BEEAH Group was established in 2007 as a Sharjah-based public-private partnership business with a focus on waste and environmental management. The BEEAH Group engaged in a complete, full-circle plan for the future. It expanded into the domains of renewable energy, green mobility, transport, education, and technology after realizing that sustainability and technology were the foundations for a contemporary economy. Their work culture includes a drive for change and a pioneering spirit among others. They frequently have openings in waste management, renewable energy, sustainable transport, consulting, education, and technology.


These businesses are setting the standard by using eco-friendly technologies and methods, along with many others in the area. In addition to making the earth healthier, their initiatives also open up new economic prospects and lead to a more sustainable future for the Middle East and the rest of the globe. These eco-pioneers are providing a compelling example for others to follow as the worldwide movement for sustainability grows.

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