Great Stocks to Consider for ESG Friendly Returns

Great Stocks to Consider for ESG Friendly Returns

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) entail principles for a company’s conduct towards environmental, societal, and internal governance climate. In most cases, these principles set the stage for investment and help curb the company’s behavior related to the fields above. As icing on the cake, a shareholder can also get good enough returns on their stock.

This article details the top five companies with great stocks to consider for ESG-friendly returns.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft has always stood out for its dedication to Green House Gase’s mitigation and its goal to achieve a negative carbon status by 2030. The company has initiated a $1 billion Climate Innovation Fund to reduce and remove carbon emissions. Microsoft is also particular about improving customers’ privacy and protection and fighting against racial injustice. The company’s strategic ESG standards ripple effect is that its share price has risen by over 488.35% in the last five years. The company is also looking to generate more returns by implementing new ESG policies. Microsoft is a perfect blend of healthy returns and strong ESG policies.

Nvidia Corporation

Nvidia Corporation is a technology company that manufactures Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), which are essential for graphics interfaces on hardware and other related gadgets. The company prioritizes ESG policies and has a record of>109% shareholder returns. Nvidia’s ESG policies center on fair treatment, diversity and inclusion, and societal change. In pursuing these policies, the company has increased the recruitment of minority employees; it also kept up with continuous payment of its staff during the pandemic lockdown and is in partnership with the Society of Women Engineers on Recruitment to bridge the gender gap in technology, among other things.

Pool Corporation (POOL)

Pool Corporation is a company primarily invested in selling and distributing pool supplies. The company is first among its peers regarding ESG policies and initiatives. For one, it aims to use its resources to encourage responsible water use. Likewise, it commits to giving back to society through free swimming lessons for children. Pool corporation has had a 65% return on investment and a 38% increase in dividends per share. Indeed, the company stock is a perfect fit for investors searching for a healthy ESG-friendly return on shares.

Cadence Design Systems Incorporation (CDNS)

Cadence Design assists individual companies in designing strategies for software, hardware, and semiconductor Intellectual Property. In its efforts to advance its ESG commitments, Cadence Design initiated the Cadence Giving Foundation to promote technological support for issues of diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and education in global communities. The company reduced its emission by 32% in 2019 and targets a 50% reduction by 2030. It has consistently been rated a top company for its stock performance and growth record.

Adobe Incorporation (ADBE)

With an ESG score of 70.06, the computer software company Adobe offers its stock for impressive returns that are ESG-assured. The company prioritizes renewable energy and seeks to obtain all its power from renewable energy sources by 2035. Interestingly, the company embodies ESG-oriented standards as it uses software inventions that limit consumers’ activities online and promote a carbon-free environment. Adobe has had a record 30% annual return for its shareholders in the last ten years.


Investing in stocks offers shareholders a win-win situation; they have the opportunity to build a sustainable planet while also getting brilliant dividends. A company with a great ESG-promoting store will likely outdo its peers, as the right ESG filtering often leads to outperformance. Most assuredly, one can never go wrong with investing in stocks with ESG-friendly returns.

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