5 Goals Of Green Technology

Five Goals Of Green Technology

The Greentech industry has been around for the past two decades, but it hasn’t gained the popularity and acceptance that it deserves. Nowadays, when global warming is spreading out like a plague and killing millions of people with air pollution, the concept of Greentech is gaining more popularity and strengthening its roots. The Greentech and sustainability market has shown insane growth results of 24.3% in the next 8 years. The industry is expected to reach $48.36 billion by 2027 whereas it was valued at $8.79 billion in 2019.

Greentech is helping our environment to adopt sustainability and clean energies by tapping into a wide range of sectors from electricity-powered vehicles to green home appliances. Greentech is the ultimate solution to conserving wildlife, reducing global warming, and lowering carbon emissions. Its concept is based on five pillars: reduction, recycling, reusing, renewing, and responsibility. Following are the five goals of green technology you must know to embrace a better and cleaner future tomorrow.

5 Goals Of Green Technology

1.  Reducing Energy Consumption, And Carbon Emission

The transportation sector of the UK is the most significant contributor to global warming as it produces 28% of the carbon emissions and toxic gases. On the other hand, UAE road transport emissions in 2017 were 40.7 million tons. All the contaminated gases released by trains, cars, and other vehicles are included in the emissions. One of the most popular and growing solutions to reduce carbon emissions is electric vehicles.

Greentech has enabled companies to crush the growing toxicity of hazardous gases by developing eco-scooters and electric cars. Moreover, eco-electric scooter ridesharing services strive to reduce their environmental impact from manufacturing to recharging the scooters.

2.  Offering Greener And Renewable Energy Sources

According to a report in 2019, 84% of the world’s population is still dependent on fossil fuels despite the shift toward renewable energy sources. The world has started suffocating due to the poor outcomes of pollution that we have created. If we adopt Greentech actively, we can save our environment from adverse impacts. Greentech offers a range of solutions to stop depleting fossil fuels including metallic foams, sustainable buildings, thermal energy collectors, lithium-air batteries, and eco-friendly battery technology.

3.  Refusing Single Used Plastic And Conserving Wildlife

Single-use plastic is the most prominent source of pollution in the ocean, harming wildlife deadly. Wildlife is suffering a lot due to harmful human activities, climate change, and natural calamities. Further, thousands of ocean mammals and their habitats are killed after getting entangled in plastic products. With the use of Greentech, researchers and marine institutions are educating people and students about wildlife conservation. Greentech contributes to wildlife conservation while staying current with changing needs.

4.  Recycling The Buried Trash, Papers, Plastic, And Batteries

Our planet has been polluted with tons of trash and is covered with dumps of garbage that cannot simply be evaporated. We need to put a lot of effort into burying trash, papers, and plastic products to keep our planet clean. Greentech has introduced recycling programs that will prevent the further depletion of natural resources and will enable the recycling of paper, glass, and plastic materials to be used again.

5.  Encouraging A Sense Of Responsibility Towards A Greener Future

Greentech encourages a variety of activities that share a sense of responsibility among people. Considering that over 9 million people die each year due to pollution, the need for clean technology is evident. Citizens share responsibility for a more sustainable future through slogans such as “Don’t waste electricity”, “Don’t waste fuel” and “Don’t waste water.” If people try to hold themselves accountable for their activities, reduce domestic waste, and try to promote green initiatives, we will get much closer to a healthy environment.

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