5 Global Green Tech Innovations By Saudi Arabia

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Located in the heart of the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with natural resources. It remains one of the largest exporters of crude oil in the world. However, in light of the proven unsustainability of crude oil and its severe effects on Earth’s climate, the Kingdom has actively joined others in promoting and developing innovations to ensure clean, green energy. As with a host of Saudi Arabia’s endeavors, the country has successfully implemented and completed several projects for promoting green tech in the global space. Below are five of these exciting projects for your perusal.

5 Global Green Tech Innovations by Saudi Arabia 

The Saudi Green Innovation

The aim is to have the country generate at least 9.5 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2023. This initiative is part of the country’s plan for its solar sector under its Vision 2030. The idea is to ensure that Saudi Arabia maximizes as much as possible in harnessing renewable and green energy. Under the program, Saudi Arabia meticulously set a road map for diversifying local power and economic development. This project aims to ensure that Saudi Arabia respects its commitments under the Vision 2030 program to reduce its carbon emissions.  

The NEOM Wind Farm

Saudi Arabia’s smart city, Neom, is a site for a green hydrogen plant that is part of the country’s project to create an intelligent city operating on utterly green energy. The project contract was given to the NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, and the company just accepted the project’s first delivery of wind turbines. The company wants to transfer these turbines to an electric transmission grid to fuel the green hydrogen plant. That is not all; the company is also expecting the delivery of additional turbines before the year runs out.

The Red Sea Project 

The mission of the Red Sea project is to preserve the natural environment and enhance its sustainability. Saudi Arabia has consistently shown itself to be a risk-taken in sustainable energy, and this project is no exception. It aims to be the first and only regenerative tourist center. It is a place where the country offers luxurious and sustainable tourism to visitors. To Saudi Arabia, the project is like killing three birds with one stone. It is a place to enhance sustainable and regenerative energy for climate change while promoting the Kingdom’s heritage and enhancing economic growth. 

Saudi – French Agreement 

In an unexpected union, the governments of France and Saudi Arabia have formed an alliance in a long-term partnership to realize their respective goals on sustainable and green energy. Both countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding to uphold the United Nations Framework on Climate Change tenets. To pursue the partnership, the countries are also looking to begin active projects on sustainable and green energy with the alliance in the private sector. Both powerhouses are bringing a lot to the table, and the world awaits the projects that will be birthed due to this union. 

NREP Solar PV Projects

The government established the National Renewable Energy Program (NERP) in Saudi Arabia to deliver solar projects to communities nationwide. So far, the Saudi Arabia Power Procurement Company has succeeded in the distribution and installation of four rounds of solar projects, and they have recently made a request from the government for a fifth one. The Procurement Company is responsible for having awarded about 12. 6 GQ of renewable energy from the project’s inception.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been making giant strides in advancing renewable energy within its territory; it is indeed a sight to behold. Countries can undoubtedly take a cue from the global innovations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and learn about promoting green tech to combat climate change within their territories.


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