GE Reinforces Dedication to Promoting Energy Efficiency Advancements


Recently, GE published its annual Sustainability Report, which details the status of its programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and sustainability. In order to increase energy efficiency and drive revolutionary change, it committed USD 4.2 billion in R&D activities in 2022, according to the report, which highlights GE’s commitment to addressing the world’s most urgent sustainability challenges.

Sustainable Legacy Continues: GE’s Commitment

Sustainable development will remain central to the GE legacy as the company separates into two independent, industry-focused businesses in 2024 after successfully completing the spin-off of GE HealthCare earlier this year.

A testament to its impact, nearly three billion people flew in aircraft powered by GE Aerospace or partnership engines. By using cutting-edge technology, GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, currently known as GE Vernova, contributed to the generation of about 30% of the world’s electricity.

At the core of GE Vernova’s goal is a commitment to the advancement of electrification and the drive toward decarbonization. It is continuing to fulfill the increasing need for more environmentally friendly, dependable, and cost-effective power while promoting the decarbonization of diverse industrial sectors.

GE is putting in place onshore and offshore wind turbines, highly efficient gas turbines, next-generation nuclear power, and cutting-edge technologies to update and digitize electric grids in order to reduce carbon emissions effectively and cost-effectively.

The work GE has funded in the UAE and Egypt was mentioned in the global report as concrete examples of how the corporation is working toward a more sustainable future in the MENA region. GE Vernova helped the nation’s decarbonization efforts in November at COP27 in Egypt by operating a gas turbine on a hydrogen-natural gas blend fuel for the first time on the African continent.

Also, the company pursued the decarbonization of a few active downstream facilities in the nation. It also signed an agreement with the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Corporation and Seasplit Technologies for the industrial carbon reduction of the Gulf of Suez.

GE’s report shows how important it is for companies around the world to work together to combat climate change. It also shows that the UAE is a key global environmental influencer.

The report highlighted the UAE’s innovative efforts by citing the country’s efforts in operating the first flight in the Middle East using 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuel in one of its two GE Aerospace GE90 engines.

The partnership between GE Vernova and Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) to modernize four current GE 9F gas turbines and cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 74 thousand tons yearly is also noted as support for the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative.

The UAE is actively influencing the climate debate as the upcoming COP28 host country, and GE is honored to be a supporting partner.

The comprehensive report also emphasizes how GE’s commitment to DEI has helped the corporation make strides toward generating good environmental and social impact on a global scale. The organization employs people from almost 170 different nations, territories, and areas.


GE affirms its continuous commitment to advancing technological innovation and energy efficiency. The report highlights GE’s dedication to tackling important sustainability concerns through its significant investments, among other things. 

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