Game Changing Green Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

Green Tech
Green Tech

Climate change is currently a vital environmental issue. Many countries across the developed and developing world have experienced the scourging effects of climate change. From the desertification in Africa to the droughts in the Middle East, international and national bodies have recognized the importance of reducing climate change and adjusting to its effects.

The emergence of green tech has given many stakeholders hope that climate change is a battle that can be won. This hope has increased investment in the green tech sector. For instance, climate tech recorded an investment of $59 billion in Q3 2022. Green tech startups have also emerged to meet the market demand for environmentally-friendly technology. So far, many green innovations have been launched, with specific trends gaining prominence.

Low-Carbon Construction

Low-carbon construction has become more prominent due to the popularity of smart and sustainable buildings. Today, construction is one of the significant sources of carbon emissions. Low-carbon construction is a viable way to decarbonize the construction sector and reduce climate change effectively. The way low-carbon buildings are designed, they emit minimal carbon and produce their energy through environmentally-friendly sources like solar. They are also made from environmentally-friendly materials and produce little waste. The trend of low-carbon construction is crucial for a green future, as these buildings not only emit significantly less carbon than traditional buildings but also conserve environmental resources by consuming less energy.

Green or Renewable Energy Storage

Renewable energy has been the center of attention for policy decisions in many countries. National stakeholders are seeking ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and increase the uptake of green energy sources like wind and solar. However, a significant problem often faced by renewable energy advocates is storage. To eliminate fossil dependence, countries must be able to store renewable energy in preparation for specific seasons and possible downtimes. In recent years, companies have deployed technologies that have made renewable energy storage possible. While these technologies are not mainstream yet, they are increasingly being adopted across the world.

Circular Waste Management

The crux of circular waste management is reusing and recycling. It focuses on turning waste into reusable materials. The rationale for this process is that materials can be used multiple times before they are eventually disposed of in a landfill. This way, overall waste will significantly reduce. Today, many companies deploy technologies to transform waste into new products. An example is Aqua Botanical, an Australian company that extracts drinkable water used in juice production.


Green tech is one of the keys to reducing climate change and unlocking a sustainable future. As green tech continues to gain the attention of national governments, investment will likely increase, and more technologies will be deployed in the industry.

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