Five Mind-Blowing Green Tech Innovations Today

Five Mind-Blowing Green Tech Innovations Today

In the current world, many governments have made it a priority to achieve a greener future. For many, green tech is the most viable way to achieve it. Due to this high demand, many green tech inventions are flooding the market. Accordingly, users are increasingly patronizing green-friendly brands, and more investors are seeking out new green technologies to invest in. Thus, in this article, we will discuss five mind-blowing green-tech innovations that are set to benefit the planet. 

1.Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon, otherwise known as a greenhouse gas, is the major cause of climate change. When activities like oil refining or driving are carried out, this carbon is released into the air and causes drastic changes in weather patterns. On other occasions, it leads to air pollution. To solve this problem, some companies have created a green technology that absorbs carbon from the air and injects it into the ground. This reduces the prevalence of climate change. In 1996, Norway was the first nation to launch a full carbon capture and storage project. 

2.Green Concrete

As earlier stated, carbon is the major source of climate change. However, carbon is not only emitted from industrial activities. Concrete (otherwise known as cement) is one of the major sources of carbon. According to reports, concrete accounts for over 8% of the world’s carbon. To solve this problem, green concrete has been invented by Novacem, a British green tech firm. This technology produces concrete from non-carbonate materials, unlike conventional concrete which is made from limestone. This way, cleaner concrete can be used in buildings. 

3.Waste-Water Electricity

One of the major sources of climate change is energy. Many countries still use dirty fuels like coal to generate their energy. These fuels are high in carbon and are equally dangerous to health. As an alternative, cleaner energy has been invented in form of water, solar, and wind. This technology uses wastewater to generate electricity. Thus, water that has been used is not immediately discarded. There are reports that wastewater electricity can produce significant power for the grid. 

4.Solar Power Storage

As earlier stated, solar power is one of the clean energy sources that have recently been adopted. However, one of the downsides of solar power is that it can hardly be stored and used at a later time. To solve this problem, a molten salt storage invention was recently made. This invention diverts energy toward large quantities of salt. During off-peak hours, the heat from the salt is subsequently used to generate electricity.  

5.Smart Meters

Smart meters are one of the most useful energy-saving inventions. These meters use advanced tracking infrastructure to monitor energy consumption and provide users with accurate estimations of their total energy consumption. This reduces the unnecessary usage of electricity and the emission of carbon. 


In conclusion, the green tech ecosystem is still developing and the demand has continued to rise. It is expected that in the coming years, more inventions will be released to solve environmental problems. 

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