5 Current Projects that Will Transform the Future of Green Tech Globally

Current Green Tech Projects
Current Green Tech Projects

It has become crystal clear to Earth and its occupants that the planet is breaking down faster than ever. Recently, there has been an increased focus on climate change and the need for green to eliminate or decrease man’s actions on Earth, one of which is the release of harmful gases and toxins into the atmosphere. Much more than this, green tech has been increasingly used to address issues related to energy security and promote technological advancement and other economic opportunities. While many of these global tech projects are in their budding stage, there is no doubt that they are the future of green tech and will transform the state of global green tech. Here are a few of them you should know.

What are the 5 Current Projects that will Transform Green Technology

Renewable Biomass Energy

Renewable biomass energy is rapidly growing as an alternative to current fossil fuels. However, it has been heavily criticized as an alternative that causes high deforestation due to using wood pellets and other land resources. However, recent development in biomass energy has encouraged the use of other fuels and biomass that can regenerate quickly, such as crops and municipal solid waste. Since biomass is almost always available, can be sustainably managed, and is a great electricity source, one should expect to see large-scale use in the coming years.

Artificial Photosynthesis

Artificial photosynthesis is probably the youngest of all the green technology alternatives provided on this list. It is a global green tech project that mimics photosynthesis and its effects to provide capture storage that will eliminate greenhouse gases and be used for other purposes. In essence, this technology combines sunlight and carbon dioxide – used by plants – to create another form of energy that plants can use or use in other processes.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage is a current green tech project that has been on the scene for a while but is yet to see large-scale implementation. The technology eliminates carbon from the atmosphere and stores it underground. What is interesting about Carbon capturing is that unlike many of the current green tech projects, it seeks to reverse the wrong done to the Earth’s atmosphere and is ingenious indeed. Unfortunately, the project requires a lot of financing and government subsidies. However, with the increased concentration on climate change elimination measures, it is only a matter of time before it gains global popularity and subscription.

Smart Grids

Many global electricity systems currently use grids to provide and distribute power downstream. However, this system has proven highly unreliable, subject to several issues and fluctuations in usage and distribution. It is also vulnerable to attack, overproduction of energy, and energy wastage. Here comes intelligent grids. These grids – already used by some countries – imbibe technology to automate, network, and distribute electricity. This enhances end-user distribution and also results in more accurate prediction models. The grid can also save power significantly, eliminating excess electricity and conserving those not in immediate need.

Blockchain Technology – Carbon Tracking and Credit

Carbon tracking and credit was an invention before the advent of blockchain technology. While the system has significantly reduced emigration rates, tracking carbon emissions and adherence to carbon tracking regulations has become difficult. However, with blockchain technology, man can upgrade the system to a better and more effective version of what it is now. Due to blockchain technology, it can keep unchangeable records of carbon credit and also monitor how much carbon is being emitted. 


Indeed, man’s action has exhausted the Earth. However, it is encouraging to see that awareness and measures are being taken to reduce the effect of climate change. With the above projects’ implementation, the Earth will witness a difference in the next few years.

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