A Farce in Light of Increasing Dependency on Electric Power

Increasing Dependency on Electric Power
Increasing Dependency on Electric Power

Here are a few facts regarding increasing electric power that you may find interesting:

  • The International Energy Agency has predicted that the number of electric cars will increase by 135 million in 2023, given the increase in electric vehicle use and declining costs.
  • Alternative energy, such as renewable energy in wind and solar, has indirectly increased the global electricity demand, which will grow by 6% in 2022.
  • Electricity demand globally is expectedly to grow by 5% in 2021 and 4% in 2022.

Indeed, these statistics are alarming given the increasing awareness built around green tech and the need to increase other viable renewable alternatives to electricity. The time and efforts expended in propagating and researching green energy and technology do not seem commensurate with the progress in sight. This situation leaves one question on everyone’s mind: is green tech a farce in light of the increasing dependency on electric power? An answer has been preferred below.

The Farce of Green Tech – or Not?

Indeed, the increasing dependence on electrical power is not a farce – as seen above. The question is if dependency calls for a rethink of the level of investment in green tech and its proportionality to the progress recorded.

However, careful analysis will reveal that considering whether green tech is a farce may be a waste of time. Instead, it is essential to keep at the green measures as increasing electrical power does not mean a decline in green tech effects or positive changes. Many countries globally are making rapid strides and significant progress in green tech adoption and creating an eco-friendlier system.

Green tech has also made significant milestones, becoming increasingly competitive against the traditional method of deriving energy. This improvement will make the transition system to a cleaner a lot more economically feasible.

The studies above also reveal that the world’s demand for electricity is not likely to reduce anytime soon. We cannot depend on fossil fuel to provide the requisite supply due to its unsustainability and impact on Earth’s environment. With green tech, an alternative, a hope – some may dare say – is afforded. Green tech provides a sustainable path to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the reduction of climate change.

Solutions to Electric Power Dependency

Regardless of the significant milestones that green tech is making, we must not ignore that with the increasing electricity demand comes an increased dependency on traditional power generation methods. The world can also not keep its eyes closed to the rising effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the urgency of climate change. On the other hand, solutions to reduce electric power dependency and advance green technology may include decentralization of energy production using smaller-scale energy, demand and consumption management, energy storage, and the improvement of energy efficiency.


The sections above have sufficiently provided an encapsulating answer as to whether green technology can be considered a farce. An essential component of building a sustainable and energy-resilient future is advancing renewable resources solutions. The world still has miles to go before achieving the zenith of clean power. However, green tech helps to reach the goal faster. That should be the only focus of the world in these times.

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