Five Guiding Questions for Greentech News Middle East

1- What is Digital Heath?

Digital health is the mindful integration of digital technologies with different aspects of healthcare services. The adoption of digital technologies to augment the healthcare system with optimization and precision has transformed the healthcare system into one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

2- How has the hybrid work environment fit into the green economy picture?

A hybrid work environment suggests a working model that contributes to a lesser carbon footprint. With reduced carbon emissions in the workspace, a hybrid work environment can be the perfect solution to adopting sustainable development.

3- How invested is the UAE to ensure a better air quality index?

According to the data available for the past fifteen years, over 40 billion dollars have already been invested in ensuring a better air quality index. Most of the projects that the government has been interested in are the conservation of resources, mitigation activities, and the production of green sources of energy.

4- What is a green economy?

A green economy is the culmination of investments made as a result of an increase in income and employment to ascertain the adoption of economic infrastructure, assets, and activities specifically curated to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. A green economy will induce a series of positive impacts like increased efficiency of energy and resource use, saving biodiversity, etc.

What is ESG?

Economic, social, and corporate governance is a working framework that is integrated into the ordinary strategy of a company to optimize its enterprise value. It expands the company objectives to be inclusive of sustainability-related opportunities and risks.