5 Exciting Clean Energy Startups in the UAE

clean energy startups
clean energy startups

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established itself as a global leader in clean energy. The country has invested heavily in clean energy technology, and the UAE government has expressed its intention to keep up with this investment drive. Just recently, the UAE announced that it intends to invest over $1.6 billion in clean energy. Also, in 2021, the UAE unveiled its plans to invest $163 billion to achieve its emissions target. Clearly, the UAE is bullish on clean energy technology.

However, apart from the UAE’s drive for clean energy investments, several clean energy startups have emerged in the country in recent years. These startups have carved a niche for themselves by providing specialized services and clean energy solutions that solve a market need. Whether you are an investor who intends to break into the UAE clean energy market or merely a clean energy enthusiast, it can be useful to have a rundown of the top clean energy startups to watch in the coming years. Thus, we have collated a list of some exciting clean energy startups operating in the UAE.

5 Exciting Clean Energy Startups in the UAE

Yellow Door Energy

Yellow Door Energy is one of the main startups leading the clean energy drive in the UAE. The startup recently got funded with $100 million and it is on track to expand its operations in the UAE and internationally. The company primarily operates in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan. Its services are hinged on the execution of solar photovoltaic projects in its countries of operation. Thus, Yellow Door Energy’s primary objective is to provide solar energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels in the Middle East.


Volts is a startup focused on the development of compact and easy-to-use battery units for residential and commercial use. Through the batteries produced by Volts, clients and buyers can save the excess energy produced by solar panels and wind turbines. The company, which is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is actively supported by The Catalyst, a cleantech startup accelerator program created by a collaboration between Masdar City and BP.

Smartblock Beverages

Another clean energy startup making waves in the UAE is Smartblock Beverages. Smartblock Beverages services are centered around developing blockchain solutions for beverage industries. These solutions are often targeted at boosting traceability and counterfeiting in the beverage supply chain. For instance, the company’s current project is Zeloop. The project is the world’s first platform that provides rewards for eco-friendly practices like the return of plastic bottles.


ManHat’s primary selling point is the development of a solution to the UAE’s dependence on desalination. The startup seeks to utilize physical sciences (instead of IT-centred methods) to produce fresh water. ManHat’s product is installed on a seashore, after which it relies on solar rays to heat water to the point of evaporation.


FortyGuard is another cleantech startup that seeks to provide solutions to core market problems in the UAE. FortyGuard intends to combat occurrences of heat-trapping and reduced airflow in urban areas by providing insightful and properly visualized data on elevated city temperatures.


There is no doubt that the UAE has a significant concentration of clean energy startups. This is largely due to the implementation of policies that have made the UAE economy conducive for clean energy players. Thus, there are high chance that more exciting startups will emerge within the country in the coming years.

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