A Push Toward Sustainability: Etihad Airways Conducts Flying Tests To Reduce Carbon Emissions

A Push Toward Sustainability: Etihad Airways Conducts Flying Tests To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Consumer pressure has pushed businesses to become more environmentally conscious to solve ecological and social problems. Business stakeholders and shareholders all need sustainability in the modern world. Enterprises are increasingly focusing on each step in their value chain. During the last four million years, carbon emissions reached a record high of 417 parts per million. It constitutes a significant threat to environmental sustainability.

Etihad Airways has undertaken the most demanding sustainable flight testing efforts in the world. It was a week-long testing and research-intensive program that was carried out on flights to cut carbon emissions. During the experiment, the airline was able to decrease the duration of each flight by 40 minutes and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by about six tonnes. 42 flights were conducted by the airlines over five days to assess operational effectiveness, technology, and protocols that will lower carbon output. Sustainability is a top focus for Etihad Airways thus, they conducted a thorough sustainability program as one of their most recent efforts.

Sustainability Is Becoming More Relevant To Global Companies

Businesses are reacting to a heightened emphasis on sustainable investing. International investors are also responding to fast-falling prices and substantial development potential in the production of clean, sustainable energy, which will be inevitable in building a low-carbon economy. In the aviation industry, Etihad Airways is paving the way on this challenging path to sustainability by exerting efforts in flight testing. Upon completion of these tests, Etihad will estimate the individual flight-by-flight climatic improvement resulting from contrail avoidance. It will provide the framework for future transformation into exchangeable carbon credits that will encourage wider use of contrail avoidance throughout the aviation industry. Etihad is also releasing its first-ever sustainability report, which details its environmental initiatives over the previous two years.

Making The Journey From London To Abu Dhabi As Efficient As Possible

As compared with 2019, carbon dioxide equivalents are expected to be 72% lower on the EY20 Sustainable Flight. As part of the pre-flight planning process, advanced software tools will be used to ensure the aircraft is on track to fly the most efficient route possible from London to the UAE. This process will also take into account the current weather conditions. In an effort to decarbonize aviation, Etihad Airways is utilizing its brand-new A350 passenger plane.

Utilizing Locally Sourced Food And Avoiding Unsustainable Materials In Flight

On the aircraft, passengers may select their in-flight food from a selection of sustainably made and locally sourced alternatives, including a vegan option. The airline avoids products that are not sustainable, including beef or palm oil. Etihad has made every effort to make its jets as sustainable as possible by avoiding unsustainable materials on the flight and providing refillable water bottles to reduce waste. Additionally, passengers will be provided with eco-friendly dental supplies, light-weight cutlery, and specially chosen in-flight tableware that adheres to sustainability standards. The plane will use a 38% mix of eco-friendly jet fuel for the nearly seven-hour ride.

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