Pathway To Net Zero: Egypt Plans To Have All National Projects Fulfill 100% Environmental Standards By 2030

Egypt Plans To Have All National Projects Fulfill 100% Environmental Standards
Egypt Plans To Have All National Projects Fulfill 100% Environmental Standards

Pathway To Net Zero:

Egypt is at the forefront of international efforts to expand methods for building infrastructure according to environmental standards. Egypt has started several sustainable initiatives and green projects in preparation for the Cop27 UN Climate Change Conference in 2022. To lead as a role model to show other African countries, Egypt, the organizer of Cop27, is working to make all state projects conform to environmental standards by 2030.

Due to its ample acreage, favorable climate, and strong winds, Egypt is an ideal region for green energy development. Egypt plans to increase the percentage of its energy supply that comes from renewable power to 20% by 2022 and 42% by 2035. The state has taken up the challenge of having all government funding for green projects amount to 50 percent by 2025 and 100 percent by 2030 as part of Egypt Vision 2030, which puts it at the edge of the pathway to net zero.

Egypt Contributes Just 0.6% Of World CO2 Emissions

While just 0.6% of CO2 emissions globally are attributed to Egypt, the country’s president has said that the major carbon polluters should shoulder the bulk of the cost of funding reduction and transformation programs. Recent years have seen an increased emphasis from Egypt’s ministry of environment on problems with air pollution and waste management. The ministry has primarily worked in the Nile Valley and Delta, which are home to around 95 percent of the country’s total population of 103 million people. Climate change in Egypt is being addressed actively since the government has tied factories to a network for checking air quality as part of a World Bank-funded initiative to curb pollution.

Gone Are The Days Of Smoky Haze Caused By Farmers With Burned Rice Husks

Farmers are now encouraged and financially incentivized to recycle the debris, which eliminates the issue of the black cloud that traditionally resulted from their burning rice husks in the autumn. As part of this effort, the Egyptian government is investing $362 million in modernizing the country’s waste disposal systems. On the other hand, Egypt is attempting to spread its urban population by creating new cities. Among other major ecological projects is an initiative to cut yearly usage of one-use plastic bags to 100 each person by 2025 and 50 each by 2030. Legal authorities have also announced plans to plant 100 million trees to address climate change in Egypt.

The Emergence Of Green Hydrogen Megaprojects Is Triggered By Egypt’s Cop27

A Framework Agreement was reached at Cop27 between the Green Fuel Alliance and the Ministry of Electricity to develop a green hydrogen and byproducts mega-project in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. Around eighty thousand tons of eco-friendly hydrogen per year would be produced by this sustainability project. Initial operations are expected to begin in 2026, with total capacity completed by 2030.

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