Egypt is Making the Switch to All-electric Cars in 2023

electric cars
electric cars

Egypt is Making the Switch to All-electric Cars in 2023 :

Egypt’s EV industry is relatively young. Experts believe that approximately 1000 electric cars are on the road. However, the year 2023 marks the beginning of an age when electric cars will be produced in a region most often associated with the use of fossil fuels. Government support in Egypt is evolving, and cooperation between domestic and multinational

automakers is becoming more technologically focused.

Minibuses in Cairo are notorious for releasing black smoke on the city’s crowded roads. The widespread adoption of e-mobility represents an exciting new frontier in the evolution of transportation systems worldwide. Egypt’s public and private sectors are increasing their investment activity. In addition, the government is aggressively addressing the problem of air pollution by implementing measures to make transportation more environmentally friendly.

EV Technology Drives A Clean-Energy Transportation Revolution

Decarbonization of the transportation industry is very challenging. The widespread adoption of electric cars has the potential to usher in a brand-new era of environmentally responsible transportation. Using EVs is a smart way to cut down on pollution, fossil fuel consumption domestically, reliance on foreign power sources, and global warming. Since transportation is the most significant source of GHG emissions, the Egyptian government is addressing the issue as quickly as possible. It is also aiming to achieve Net Zero status by the set deadline. KSA, the world’s leading oil exporter, has announced the industry’s most aggressive goals for producing electric vehicles. By 2026, Saudi Arabia hopes to have manufactured over 150,000 EVs yearly.

Setting Up A System Of Thousands Of Electric Car Charging Stations

Egypt has made significant progress toward its goal of installing DC fast-charging electric car charging stations essential to a fully battery-powered fleet. Private companies in the EV industry will double the existing number of electric car charging stations in the coming future. Electric vehicle chargers are currently only available in Egypt from one company, Infinity EV. Within the next three years, Infinity EV hopes to aid the government in constructing a network of electric vehicle charging stations that might include as many as six thousand plug-in outlets.

Is Egypt Ready To Switch To Electric Cars In 2023?

EV technology will soon be the norm. Rapid progress has been made in electric automobiles in Egypt. The E70 or A70 is the name of an upcoming all-electric vehicle in Egypt, which will sell for roughly $20,000. Approximately half of the market is expected to consist of taxi and Uber drivers. Initially, 3,000 charging stations will be installed in Cairo and Alexandria. Egypt is developing a thriving infrastructure for electric vehicles. It is projected that by 2023, there will be 7,000 more electric cars on the road, with yearly increases of 10% afterward.

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