Egypt Facilitating Africa’s Energy Transition: An Egyptian Renewable Energy Company, Infinity Group, Will Eclipse All Others In Africa

Energy transition
Energy transition

Energy Transition – Egypt Facilitating Africa’s :

Africa is the youngest continent and one of the world’s most sensitive regions to the effects of climate change. With food insecurity rising due to extreme weather events like floods and droughts. The energy transition in Africa needs to be critically viewed as a massive opportunity to better people’s lives in ways that extend well beyond monetary gains. With Infinity Group set to become Africa’s biggest renewable energy provider, Egypt is helping to pave the way for a power shift across the continent.

Infinity Group and AFC are purchasing Lekela Power, a move that would make Infinity the biggest renewable energy provider in Africa. The 2.8 GW portfolio of active and planned projects throughout the continent is included in the purchase. Within the next four years, AFC and its joint venture partner, Infinity, want to increase operational asset performance by more than 100 percent.

A Major Step Forward For Infinity Solar Systems With The Acquisition Of Lekela

Infinity is leading the way to a greener, cleaner future in the renewable energy sector throughout Africa, with a particular focus on Egypt. Infinity has reached a significant milestone with the purchase of Lekela, which is the most critical investment of its kind on the African continent. It also represents Infinity’s ever-increasing efforts to provide reliable renewable energy sources. By maximizing the contribution of renewable energy in Egypt and Africa’s society, Infinity solar systems ensure that Egyptians and Africans may continue to live in a manner that protects and enhances the natural world.

An Effort Aimed At Closing Africa’s Yawning Energy Gap

The amount of renewable energy generated and used in Africa is expected to increase from more than 54 GW in 2020 to above 530 GW in 2040. Almost half of the continent’s people live in dark areas without access to power. The expansion of renewable energy sources will not only aid in the fight against climate change. In addition, it will also serve as a driving force for energy availability throughout the continent. AFC, Africa’s leading infrastructure solutions provider, is collaborating with Infinity to increase its combined operational capacity. Lessening the large energy gap in Africa is a significant priority for Infinity and AFC.

How Could Africa’s Economy Respond To The Energy Transition?

Africa has a high chance of generating new jobs due to the energy transition. More than 9 million new jobs will be created from 2019 to 2030 as a result of the energy transition. Another 3 million new jobs will be created by 2050. The energy shift may double the number of people employed in Africa’s renewable energy industry in 2050 from its current 0.35 million. By 2050, this will be a twentyfold increase from current levels. Jobs in solar, bioenergy, wind, and hydropower make up a significant portion of the growing renewable energy sector.

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