5 Eco-friendly Things To Make Your Home Green

5 Eco-friendly Things To Make Your Home Green

The hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow states that shelter is a physiological need that must be fulfilled before a person can actualize any other need. For every homeowner, having a space to yourself is a haven that not many things can beat. 

It then becomes important to design your space in a way that is both comfortable for you and can also protect the earth. This is where Green Tech comes in. Green Tech, also known as environmental technology, is a term that describes the use of science and technology to create environmental-friendly products. Green technology aims to protect the environment and, if possible, correct mistakes made in the past.

Every environment enthusiast can use the following eco-friendly things to make their home green.

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels for electricity are one of the most popular and sought-after green technology for homeowners. Solar panels are placed on rooftops, and as long as the sun shines, electricity is provided to your home. Solar panels absorb energy in sun rays and use it to power the home. The applaudable thing about solar panels is that you are freed from electricity bills and can save more.

2. Rain Barrels

These are used to collect and store rainwater. The rainwater harvesting system has proven to reduce household water consumption by up to 50%. This is because it can be re-used for household chores like washing clothes, utensils and toilet flushes. A rain barrel is also an inexpensive way of watering your plants. Rainwater is collected from the roof, and because it does not have to be transported, it is good for the environment. Setting up a rain barrel does not require any technical expertise. Purchasing a large drum, placing it on an elevated concrete, and making a small plug at the bottom does the job.

3. Green Water Heater

Conventional water heaters consume a lot of electricity and water, and that is a lot of money down the drain. A green water heater uses the sun’s energy to heat your home’s water either by directly collecting heat from the sun or transferring energy from your solar panels to make your water hot. They are more eco-friendly as they provide hot water only when it is needed. A one-time investment in a solar water heater saves energy and saves costs in the long run. 

4. Smart Power strips

Technology has advanced to the point of making smart appliances that can turn themselves off when not in use. Many household appliances like TV and DVD that remain connected to the wall are not turned off when they are in the off position. Instead, they are on “stand-by mode” and continue using energy that way. A smart power strip works by using a control device to cut the flow of power to these devices, so they no longer suck energy. Smart power strips are more convenient and now readily available, making them an easy solution to poor energy efficiency. 

5. Eco-friendly flooring

Using Bamboo or Cork as your home’s flooring is a good, eco-friendly choice instead of the typical hardwood flooring. This is not entirely a green “technology” in the extravagant sense, but adding eco-friendly flooring is a great way to make your home green. Bamboo is moisture-resistant and durable, while Cork is versatile and lightweight. Both choices are renewable and more long-lasting.

These are some additional eco-friendly things to make your home green: A Recycling bin, a Dual-flush toilet, and an Environmental-friendly plant. Implementing the use of these green products to make your home eco-friendly will aid in keeping the earth a little longer, improves your health, and saves you a lot of money.

Last Updated on December 23, 2023 by Nandini Shukla

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