E& Announces Ambitious Plans for EV Fleet Expansion, Pledging Action Against Climate Change

Today, e& revealed plans to gradually replace light cars with electric vehicles (EVs) in a phased way by 2030 in order to achieve zero carbon emissions from the company’s fleet.

With the first phase of this historic effort, 100 vehicles will be replaced with EVs, revolutionizing e&’s fleet of vehicles in the UAE.

This comes after e& recently made a commitment at COP28 to start a bold journey towards environmental sustainability by committing to reaching zero carbon emissions across all of its operations, including Scope 1 and 2, by 2040.

The company also declared short-term goals (2030) to achieve this goal, including a 43% Group-wide reduction from its own activities and the energy it imports and uses (Scope 1 and 2 emissions).

Revolutionizing Transportation: e&’s Commitment to Electric Vehicles and Zero Carbon Emissions

According to e&’s Group Chief Operations Officer, Obaid Bokisha, the company is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and using eco-friendly transportation. He said that e&’s plan to switch out all light vehicles with EVs is a reflection of their dedication to combating climate change and implementing greener, cleaner technologies.

Additionally, it was mentioned that e& is actively looking for innovative ways to progressively replace its whole fleet, keeping in mind the demand for appropriate electric vehicles across a range of categories. As a responsible organization, e& seeks to synchronize its efforts with the objectives and top priorities stated in COP28. This involves highlighting the importance of encouraging the use of EVs as a component of the conference’s decisions and pledges.

Even though switching to electric vehicles comes with a lot of hurdles, e& is committed to bringing about good change and leading by example.

The worldwide technology company acknowledges that electric vehicles have an influence on operations and highlights the need to resolve obstacles and make use of opportunities for cost savings, efficiency, and a decrease in environmental impact.

Global sales of EVs are predicted to skyrocket, and the UAE is leading the way in this trend. According to industry figures, over 10 million EVs will be sold globally in 2022, and another 35% growth is predicted to bring the total to 14 million.

e& is investing in the construction of charging infrastructure and setting up EV charging infrastructure at its parking bases as part of its sustainability projects. This proactive strategy supports the international effort to tackle climate change and shows the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, e& will use the current Charge&Go network to meet its charging needs.

“Charge&Go,” an all-inclusive, end-to-end EV charging solution from e&, had its soft launch at GITEX Global in 2023. e& is positioned strategically around the country to provide consumers with a vehicle charging solution that is dependable, reasonably priced, and easily accessible.

The program is in line with revolutionary objectives, including the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) 2030 and Emirates Net Zero 2050.


e&’s bold commitment to switch from light to electric vehicles is a revolutionary step toward sustainability. The company is taking the lead in transforming the transportation industry with its strategic pursuit of innovative solutions, significant investments in charging infrastructure, and the planned “Charge&Go” project.

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