CAFU’s Journey: Transforming from Petrol Delivery Startup to a Pioneer in Sustainable Mobility Leadership

_Mobile EV Charging Service
_Mobile EV Charging Service

The UAE’s top car service provider, CAFU, which is based in Dubai, is set to offer new services through its app. It started out as an on-demand petrol delivery startup in 2018 and has since grown to offer far more services. Now, it offers services such as car washes, oil changes, battery replacements, tire services, insurance, minor repairs, inspections, and emergency fuel assistance. 

Alaa El-Huni, the Chief Business Officer at CAFU, stated in an interview that the company had continuously stuck to its primary brand promise and purpose of providing the services that automobile owners need. He further mentioned that they had just introduced an automobile marketplace called “CAFU Cars,” where users could buy the vehicle of their choice via the CAFU app and website in addition to getting their cars serviced and insured. Ultimately, the goal is to guarantee that customers’ cars can go the distance without running out of petrol or energy by giving them a flawless, end-to-end driving experience.

Innovation in Sustainability: CAFU’s Commitment to Net-Zero Goals

In April of this year, CAFU introduced Canada’s first mobile EV charging service to individuals and fleets, motivated by its dedication to sustainability and desire to offer the best solutions to market-specific requirements.

This revolutionary, connected, smart, and mobile solution allows car owners to charge their electric vehicles with a simple push of a button, expanding access to charging infrastructure.

CAFU’s mobile EV charging service has been a huge success even though it is still in the BETA phase in Montreal, Canada, according to El-Huni. He also mentioned that the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the convenience and value that their services offer. Additionally, El-Huni mentioned that the BETA phase was being actively used to collect valuable customer feedback, which will help the company improve and refine its offerings for the Canadian market and beyond.

El-Huni added that CAFU was dedicated to launching the greatest services in the Middle East and that the region continued to be one of the company’s most significant markets. He went on to say that localization was a crucial component of their strategy when they entered new markets. He acknowledged that different areas had specific requirements and challenges, and he stated that they were committed to tailoring their strategy to each market’s particular circumstances.

Furthermore, CAFU’s recently introduced mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging service seeks to increase the accessibility and convenience of EV ownership for businesses and people who were previously unable to convert to EVs because of the lack of charging infrastructure.

El-Huni stated that their mobile EV charging service is a powerful example of action taken in support of the worldwide net-zero goals. He made it clear that its main goal is to close the infrastructural gap that was impeding the uptake and switch to electric vehicles, especially via the use of renewable energy sources.


CAFU is a tech-driven company that remains committed to using clean energy, innovation, and sustainability as the cornerstones of its operations. Its vision for the future of global transportation is influenced by progressive businesses and changing consumer trends.

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