Biodiversity: The Secret to Healing Mother Nature and Achieving Sustainable Development

On the recent International Day for Biological Diversity, Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, UAE, highlighted the importance of biodiversity in protecting natural habitats and mitigating climate change.

How Is The UAE Demonstrating Its Commitment To Biodiversity Protection?

The theme for this year, “Be Part of the Plan,” appeals to all sectors to come together and take part in stopping biodiversity loss. It is well aligned with the UAE’s inclusive strategy, which involves the commercial industry and society in joint efforts to safeguard nature. 

Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak also stressed in her statement that biodiversity enhancement is critical to the UAE’s environmental protection and sustainable development plan.

She added that nature is the primary defense for achieving economic and social development in the UAE and globally. She emphasized the need to combat climate change, preserve the environment, and safeguard natural resources. 

The minister reported that over 70% of land that is not covered by ice has been altered by human activity and that over the past 50 years, deforestation and desertification have contributed to a 69% drop in wildlife populations. This puts more biodiversity loss and the extinction of species at risk. 

She stressed the Emirate’s dedication to biodiversity, citing its 49 protected areas and emphasis on growing mangrove forests. In order to achieve this, the UAE has promised to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030.


How does biodiversity help in sustainable development?

Biodiversity provides us with many crucial products and services – including food, water, medicines, protection from coastal erosion, and climate change mitigation, with forests absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

What is the concept of biodiversity protection?

This involves using natural resources at a rate that allows the Earth to replenish them. It’s a means to ensure that we meet the needs of current and future generations. 

How does biodiversity destruction affect sustainable development?

Biodiversity loss threatens human well-being through changes in soil and water, which are essential for food production.

What are three ways biodiversity contributes to sustainability?

Biodiversity enables the provision of food, fiber, and water; it mitigates and adapts to climate change; it promotes human health; and it creates jobs in agriculture, fishery, forestry, and many other industries.

What is biodiversity and its importance?

The natural world we live in and the variety of animals that inhabit our globe are both examples of biodiversity. Every one of these coexists and works in ecosystems to sustain life on Earth.

What are the three principles of biodiversity protection?

Sustainability is defined as conforming to three principles: environmental, social, and economic.

What are the three pillars of biodiversity?

The three pillars of biodiversity include genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.


Dr. Amna Al Dahak highlighted that the UAE’s dedication to biodiversity is essential to ensuring sustainable development and addressing climate change. The UAE strives to secure long-term economic and social development by preserving natural ecosystems and boosting biodiversity.

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