ADNOC Introduces Groundbreaking Green Hydrogen Refueling Pilot Station – a Regional First in High-Speed Technology

ADNOC launched “H2GO,” the first high-speed green hydrogen pilot filling station in the area, to test a fleet of hydrogen-powered cars that emit no emissions.

Situated on property donated by Masdar City and run by ADNOC Distribution, the station will use an electrolyzer driven by clean grid electricity to produce green hydrogen from water.

Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director of ADNOC’s Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth, expressed satisfaction with the introduction of the unique, fast-charging green hydrogen refueling station that is in line with the National Hydrogen Strategy of the UAE. According to him, ADNOC is constantly collaborating with domestic and foreign businesses to investigate cutting-edge technology and low-carbon alternatives in an effort to accelerate decarbonization and support a responsible energy transition.

ADNOC’s Pioneering Green Hydrogen Refueling Station: A Key Step in UAE’s National Hydrogen Strategy

International REC Standard, a globally renowned certification body, will certify the hydrogen provided at the pilot station as “green” hydrogen derived from solar power. The pilot program will collect data to determine whether hydrogen vehicles are sustainable in the UAE over the long run.

The Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi is providing support for the pilot, while Linde, a well-known international industrial gases and engineering company, supplied the high-speed refueler.

Tawasul and other taxi companies will test the hydrogen-powered fleet, which Toyota, Al Futtaim Motors, and BMW will supply for the duration of the pilot.

The CEO of ADNOC Distribution, Eng. Bader Saeed Al Lamki emphasized the company’s commitment to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions and supporting the energy transition in line with the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative. He underlined how important it is to introduce H2GO, the first high-speed green hydrogen pilot refueling station in the area, as proof of their dedication to using innovation, technology, and business alliances to offer low-carbon solutions to consumers.

When hydrogen (H2) is utilized, no carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced. Thus, from manufacture to end-use, no carbon is discharged into the atmosphere.

The station uses clean-grid electricity to operate an electrolyzer that turns water into hydrogen. With the launch of E2GO to construct and manage electric vehicle infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and the greater UAE, ADNOC Distribution has developed the H2GO station as their most recent mobility initiative.

Masdar City’s Chairman, Abdulla Balalaa, emphasized the city’s enduring dedication to eco-friendly transportation, which dates back to its founding in 2006. He emphasized the city’s leadership in a number of transportation areas, including the deployment of the driverless PRT system and the introduction of the first electric cars (EVs) in the UAE.

Balalaa hailed ADNOC’s collaboration in launching a hydrogen pilot program in the UAE. Considering that transportation accounts for about 20% of the world’s total carbon emissions at the moment, he underlined the need to investigate different technologies in the pursuit of net-zero emissions. Balalaa expressed her enthusiasm for the UAE’s ongoing support of carbon-free transportation efforts.

ADNOC has committed a first US$15 billion (AED55 billion) to the development of decarbonization technology and lower-carbon solutions in order to achieve its vision of being Net Zero by 2045 and lowering its carbon intensity by 25% by 2030.


ADNOC’s launch of the “H2GO” high-speed green hydrogen refueling station is a pivotal move for sustainable transportation in the UAE. This project, which is in line with the National Hydrogen Strategy, demonstrates ADNOC’s dedication to low-carbon solutions through strategic partnerships.

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