Acronis Middle East: Leading Cybersecurity with Sustainability and Partnership Excellence – An Interview with General Manager Ziad Nasr

Image: Spokesperson – Ziad Nasr, General Manager, Acronis Middle East

In the regional dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, Acronis Middle East is a pivotal player. In a recent interview, Ziad Nasr, the General Manager of Acronis Middle East, shared insights into how Acronis is not only enhancing its energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable infrastructure in the region but also empowering partners with cutting-edge cyber protection solutions. Ziad discussed Acronis’ strategies for nurturing robust partnerships, delivering comprehensive resources and training, and prioritizing green technology initiatives to address the evolving needs of the Middle East’s energy and security landscape.

  1. How does Acronis ensure that its infrastructure in the Middle East meets or exceeds industry standards for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability?

In the UAE, the National Energy Strategy has invested $54 billion to address the increasing energy needs. Acronis ensures that its infrastructure in the Middle East adheres to industry standards for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy encompassing sustainability targets, partner engagement, and governance measures.

Firstly, Acronis prioritizes the selection of vendors with robust certification and energy efficiency practices. By meticulously examining vendors’ credentials, the company ensures that only those aligned with its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals are chosen. Furthermore, Acronis is committed to setting ambitious sustainability targets for its data centers, aiming to operate them efficiently while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

  1. Could you share insights into Acronis’ approach to building and nurturing partnerships in the UAE and wider Middle East region, including strategies for enabling partners to deliver enhanced security solutions?

Through the past couple of years, we have managed to sign partnerships with 385 managed service providers across the Middle East, 180 of them are based in the UAE. those partners are major technology players in this market, and they believed in Acronis as an integrated platform that they can trust in providing cyber protection to their customers

  1. How does Acronis plan to support its partners in the UAE and KSA with resources and training to effectively integrate and implement cyber protection solutions for their clients? 

We at Aconis are conducting regular enablement workshops to all our partners to make sure they are always up-to-date with the latest security trends and threat landscape, and they are mastering the Acronis capabilities and features to the best of their customers. Our expert team from Academy and expert solution architects are at the disposal of our partners whenever needed. In addition to that, we have our partner portal where all our partners have access to, and where they can find all technical resources and training about cyber security.

  1. Can you provide examples of successful partnerships or collaborations in the region where Acronis and its partners have jointly addressed cybersecurity challenges and delivered value to clients?

I’d rather not mention names and respect the customer’s privacy, but Acronis has been a main defense layer and prevented so many ransomware attacks. What is more important here is that when cybersecurity solutions fail to protect, our integrated solution with the backup and disaster recovery was there to secure a full fast recovery, and a continuous productive environment to our end users.

  1. Given the increasing focus on sustainability in the Middle East, how does Acronis prioritize future green technology initiatives in its operations?

Acronis prioritizes future green technology initiatives by embedding environmental considerations into its business practices, showcased in the (ESG) Report. This commitment is underscored by initiatives such as conducting GHG emissions assessments to establish baseline data and mobilizing employees for environmental activities through the Acronis Cyber Foundation Ambassadors Program, which has engaged 300 employees in environmental initiatives. Furthermore, Acronis fosters transparency and accountability in governance, evident in the launch of procurement information hubs and public Trust Centers. By integrating green technology initiatives alongside social and governance considerations, Acronis aims to minimize its ecological footprint while creating value for stakeholders, thus contributing positively to sustainability efforts in the Middle East.

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