Acronis Explores Cyber Resilience and Sustainability Initiatives


In an exclusive interview with Ziad Nasr, General Manager of Acronis Middle East, we were given insight into Acronis’ innovative initiatives and its strong commitment to both technological advancement and corporate social responsibility. The theme for GITEX 2023, “Boosting Cyber Resilience using Artificial Intelligence,” offered a glimpse into Acronis’ mission to address ever-evolving cyber threats through their latest offering, the Acronis Cyber Protect suite, fortified with AI capabilities.

According to Nasr, beyond its groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions, Acronis has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation. He explained that although Acronis operates primarily in the digital realm, the company has focused on making its cloud operations more energy-efficient, including assessing the environmental impact of its data center vendors. He also mentioned that Acronis develops software to help clients minimize data movement and reduce the number of software packages they run, all through their Cyber Protect Cloud platform. This, he emphasized, not only streamlines operations but also helps reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Nasr acknowledged the growing demand for eco-friendly data centers and energy-efficient technology and shared that Acronis is actively responding to this demand. He explained that the company has developed energy-efficient data protection solutions, such as data deduplication to reduce the amount of data that needs to be backed up and stored. Additionally, Nasr stated that Acronis offers a range of cloud-based data protection solutions, enabling businesses to reduce their reliance on energy-intensive on-premises data centers. He further mentioned that Acronis has formed partnerships with eco-friendly data center providers, including industry giants like Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, to further align its offerings with environmentally conscious practices.

Nasr highlighted Acronis’ commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. He explained that the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program engages regional offices worldwide in community work, such as cyber safety workshops for children and environmental conservation activities. According to him, through the Schools Initiative, Acronis is making a significant impact by funding and overseeing the development of schools and computer classrooms in underserved areas, providing equal educational opportunities to children, and impacting over 1,620 young lives in just the past year. He also mentioned that Acronis’ IT Skills Program aims to bridge digital literacy gaps and has trained over 24,500 individuals to access new career opportunities while promoting cybersecurity awareness.

Nasr stressed that Acronis’ forward-thinking approach to cyber resilience and its commitment to environmental responsibility showcase the company as a leader in both technology and corporate citizenship. He explained that by embracing innovation and sustainable practices, they are contributing and steering the tech industry toward a more secure, eco-friendly, and inclusive digital future.

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